So excited to present you the MBD Training Center!

It seems like October has been a month of extremely excitement for me. If you have been following me around for a bit you know I've been loving fall colors (here and here), celebrating love here <3, co-hosting blog hops (1, 2, 3) and learning a lot (here)...

But the learning doesn't stop there because I've been learning a lot about photoshop, HTLM/CSS and Blogger. It's true that you can google almost anything and with a little search you will find it, but it's also true that it is always easier if all the information you need is gather in just one place. 

Where? keep reading and hopefully at the end you'll be as excited as I am about this!

Co-hosting again!

So it seems that this week is all about link ups!

Also, I'm so happy to say I already reached 100 followers!!
 Thank you, thank you, thank you very much!! =)

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Link & Mingle

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Anniversary Dinner!

Yesterday (tuesday) was our first year annyversary...

It's seems like it's been forever and at the same time not that long since we started together.

We've been extra sweet with each other all month.
 Monday he cooked me a delicious dinner and yesterday was my turn.

Pinterest helped me to be a little bit creative...

     Source: foodgawker.com via Beatriz on Pinterest

And for the dessert...
Source: joythebaker.com via Jo on Pinterest

Yeah!! Co-hosting Followers to Friends!!!

I'm so excited about this one!
It was the first blog hop I linked with
and I'm feeling really happy to presented to you today!
Link-up and share the love <3!


DIY: How I cut my hair at home!

I think I've been cutting my hair on my own for 3 or 4 years now. I learned watching YT videos, so you can go, check and find the one that suits you better. 

But anyhow I wanted to do this post because in my daily life many people ask me where I get my hair done. 

In Geneva, just the hair cut for long hair like mine would be 40-50 euros (or even more!!) so going to the salon it's a privilege that a) I can't afford and b) even if I could afford it, I wouldn't do it anyways. 

Another advantage of cutting your own hair is that you cut exactly the amount of hair you want. Not ugly surprises.

There are many ways to cut long hair, but this is the one that works best for me.
It's fast-takes like 10 min-easy and looks good.

Wanna know more? keep on reading...


My first ever OOTD!

Since we moved in the studio, I've been enjoying having a full body mirror. Believe it or not, I'm taking pictures of outfits all the time even if there is nothing special about them. But I don't know why I never put them up. Most of the time I'm not happy with the pictures since I'm taking them myself and with my cell phone, or sometimes the lighting is not good.

But hey, if you don't really mind if the photos aren't that great, I won't either. A true fashionista would post outfits anyways... =p

Beige sweater and boots
Wine colored jeggins
Black/animal print scarf

So here you have it. The perfect day look for fall. This might sound crazy but this in my lab is a little too put together...to give you an idea of the environment I study in.

How's your week going?
What's your favourite daily look for work/university?

Want to contact me?
email at livingingeneva@gmail.com
tweet me at BeaLLumbreras


Ich liebe...Oktober!!

I can´t believe we are already half way through October!! Time is going way too fast!!

I've been working a lot. Like ALWAYS.
And I've been exhausted. Like ALWAYS too.

But I'm actually liking October a lot.
For many things.

One. I've started my German course and so far so good...I'm quite excited!

Two. I'm loving deeper colors on my lips, specially berry colors...

Three. Octobre c'est le mois de l'amour pour nous. Our story didn't have an easy start (mostly because of me. Bad timming I would say) and one year ago, in October the Miracle happened <3

(When I smile too much I look like an old wrinkly lady)

Bonne semaine à toutes et à tous!

I left you a comment...so now, follow me!

Hello, hello...

Long time no see! I know, I know...I'm completely out and at the same time I'm still here, because I try to read you as much as possible and I try to comment in your posts as much as possible. But I know I should be more IN or otherwise the existence of this blog would stop having a meaning to me that I write and to you that you read me.

And talking about reading and commenting, today I came across a post that defines exactly how sometimes I feel inside this blogging world. The post is part of the "Blogger Tips series" from Paige or Eloping Stethoscope but written by Kristina from The Streeters Unlimited.

You can read the blog post here but summing up Kristina talks about how she doesn't like comments of the type: "I left you a comment/I follow you...so now, follow me!"

Being 100% honest, I don't like it either and for various reasons. First, it makes me feel like the person doesn't care at all about me and getting to know me, my blog o whatever I have to say in it. That person only wants me to follow. Which leads me to my second point: I'm probably just a number more in her GFC. Third: I feel without even having checked the blog, "force" to follow. 

Don't get me wrong. I get how things work, I'm not complaining. I like to follow and be followed. This amazing system allows you to interact and meet awesome people with awesome blogs. But I want to read blogs that I like and interest me, because that way I will always come back and leave meaningful comments. The same way I'd like people to follow me because they like me and I interest them, so they came back and leave meaningful comments. Because what's the point of following something you don't like and you will never be checking again!!

You wouldn't like me to follow you so you follow me, the same way I don't like people to follow me so I follow them. And that's why I always end my comments with a smiley face =) and the link to my blog. Because I like to have the chance to choose freely and I like to give the same for other people. 

I think you get the idea...=)

Also talking about "no-reply bloggers" I think I fix that problem!!I now have a separate email only for the blog so I believe you can contact me at livingingeneva@gmail.com (I'm not quite sure if you can see it in my profile with all this google+ mess. I don't get use to it). But yeah, anything blog related (or not!) contact me there.

Last but not least and also blogging related I'm participating in this amazing project!!check it out, run, for a number of limited people!


How many lip products you can carry in your purse?

When I was in Prague almost a month ago I realize that for not carrying major items in my purse, it seemed a bit full and heavy...until I realize that without doing it in purpose I had brought with me all these lipsticks.

Elf lipstick in Nicely nude
Catrice ULTIMATE Lip Glow One shade fits all
Essence lipstick in Coralize me!
Maxfactor Xperience Sheer Gloss Balm in Coral
Catrice SOFT LIP COLOUR in Salsa Cubana
Labello in Classic Care
Maybelline COLORSENSATIONAL Cream Gloss in Pink Petal
Natural Collection Juicy Lipy in Fondant

The funny part is that I ended up wearing bare lips almost every day while I was there... =D

And you? What's your make-up product obsession?
Is there something you stock way too much when your traveling?
And in daily basis?



Good morning Ladies! I have the pleasure to be co-hosting this Blog Hop this week.
Make sure you link up and spread the word!

Hope you all have an amazing start of the week.
Happy Monday!!


Mental breakdown Haul!


Two weeks ago I had one of those stress-mental-breakdowns-panic-attack kind of thing. Every once in a while since the new year started I have one. Normally it comes for no apparent reason and when I'm alone so I've kind of learn to deal with it on my own.

But hey, not everything is bad. It allowed me to spend a lot of time a home, which explains the amount of posts an interaction in the blog world from last week =)

Also it came at the same time that my new credit card...and what's one of the best remedies when you are feeling down and you are at the same time a beauty addict?


I went to "Manor", Swiss department store where you can find high-end products. As much as I love shopping, I tried to contain myself even when I found excuses to make it "therapeutic"...

If you want to see what I bought, keep on reading!!