Stuffed eggplant!

hello, hello!
I'm bringing you a delicious, fast, easy and healthy recipe today!
Maybe you've tried it already...or maybe not!

Try it and when you do let me know if it stands to its claims!
It will fill you in and keep you going through the day until dinner if you have it for lunch. Plus it's more healthy than you would imagine. My parents are dieting and this meal is on their plan!

For one serving for one person:
1 eggplant
50g minced meet
1 small onion
Garlic or any other herbs of your like
Tomato Sauce (better if it is homemade)

Cut the eggplant in half and draw some squares with a knife
Put 3-4 min in the microwave (it makes emptying the eggplant easier)

Once it is out of the microwave, empty the eggplant without damaging the outer part and save for later.

In a pan start cooking the onions, the garlic and the meet. Add salt and herbs as you like.
When the meet is almost done, after 7-10 min, add the eggplant. cook for 4-5 min and add the tomato sauce.
Cook for another 3 min.

Fill in the eggplant. 
I used a plate- I don't know why- but it is easier if you do it directly in an oven recipient.

Add some cheese and put it in the oven a few minutes to grill.

Mine doesn't really grill but...there you go!!
Bon appétite!

I'm hungry now!


Skincare Haul!!(with mini reviews)

So...it is wednesday and what does it mean for me? 
That it is video day! Yay!

I actually recorded this video before new year's but I didn't like the footage so I decided to re-do it again. It was ready a few weeks back but I had other things I wanted to put up first, so yeah...

All products would be listed down below. The video includes small descriptions/reviews, but expect to see in more depth reviews of all these products in the future! 
So far I'm loving all of them.

You would make my day if you rate and leave a comment in the video! Also if you share this and help me out a bit to put it out there =)

LA ROCHE POSAY Effeclar Duo (20 FCH)- Niacinamide, linoleic acid
Deliplus SKINPLUS  Ultra Hydrating Serum with Hialuronic Acid (7€)
KIKO Next evolution Dark Spot corrector Brightening Serum
CAUDALIE Beauty elixir (11€) In france I've seen it for 9,90
CAUDALIE Vinosource Mattifying fluid for combination skin (22€) 19,90€ in France
CAUDALIE Vinoperfect Enzymatic Peel Mask for all skin types (26€) 20-22€ in France

What's your skin care routine?
Have you add anything new to it lately?
What products you can not live without?
Let me know!


Probably the best hair care regime ever!

Back in August I did a review on my favourite products to style/take care of my hair once I'm out of the shower from the brand Naked Body care (UK brand).

If you missed that post, do a favour to your hair and check it out here because those products are amazing!

Today, I'm going to be talking about some products of the same brand but this time to use in the shower. I hesitate to call this post "Hair products I've used up" because I am completely out of them, but I'm not lying when I say that this brand is probably the best out there for your hair. At least for mine it is.

Now into the review.

NAKED renew Strengthening Shampoo 
for weak, brittle & mature hair
with hibiscus & frangipani

What the brand says: Rapunzel was no wimp! Her hair was strong enough to set her free. We can’t promise you a prince charming but we’ve harnessed the power of hibiscus flower and extracts of frangipani to rescue your hair in this renewing shampoo. Containing vegetable proteins it’s unstoppable in its mission to fortify brittle hair from within, a wish come true for weak or mature hair.  Because your hair deserves the kindest treatment of all we don’t use harsh detergents – only gentle plant based ingredients. Vegetarian and vegan friendly.

My opinion: I love this product!!it has a strong floral sweet slightly fruity smell that is irresistible. It doesn't get really foamy, specially in the first wash but it is a matter of getting used to it. I like to leave in my shampoo for like a minute and this way is more effective. The results were clean (until 4-5 days), shiny, voluminous and bouncy hair! I believe it also contribute to the definition of my wavy/curly hair and my hair fell less.

NAKED bounce Curl defining conditioner 
for curly, wavy hair
with kelp & avocado oil

What the brand says: For perfect curls and waves that bounce when you walk you need to look after your scalp (and have the right shoes!). We use Irishmoss, Sea fennel and mineral rich Kelp which is reputed to boost natural repair. Avocado oil will lovingly moisturise those tresses, and without petrochemical residue build up you'll be kissing those curls and riding those waves. Vegetarian and vegan friendly.

My opinion: This product has a strong floraly smell that I didn't really like much at first since I prefer sweet/fruity smells, but it is nice nonetheless. My hair felt really hydrated after using it and the hydration was still there 2-3 days after washing. It'd be amazing if they had for this range a deep conditioning mask, which I find always to be more effective in that department. Most important, using this product with the shampoo above, my curls were so incredibly define that it looked like if I had curled my hair with an iron!People used to asked me what I had donde to my hair. It is still effective with other shampoos but I got the best results with the one above. I can't wait to try the shampoo of this bounce range and see what it does to my hair!

Last but no least...
NAKED for kids 2 in 1 shampoo
Toffe Apple

What the brand says: Don’t tear your hair out! Let Naked look after your kids and give them clean, healthy hair without the hassle! Our fabulous tear free 2 in 1 shampoo means your little rascals get lovely soft hair after just one wash. Our gentle formulations mean that even if your kids can be little monsters, you won’t be putting any nasties in their hair. For extra fun, we added the scent of toffee apples. Fruity goodness smothered in tooth-tingling toffee – what could be better? Vegetarian and vegan friendly.

My opinion: This shampoo smells exactly as its name suggest. It's a dream to apply and hair is left soft and easy to manage. I would really recommend it for kids or for anyone! However it didn't work as well for me in the "curl definition" department, so I don't think I would use it any time to soon.

I'm completely in love with this brand. I wish I could buy it here because I'm not a huge fan of internet shopping and waitting for the order to arrive, but hey good news!! at least they do international shipping and the prize is cute reasonable. As soon as their Miracle Worker goes back on stock I would do an order. I've tried to find around me products that deliver the same results as the Naked lines and for the moment the results are far from being as good. An the prize is unbeatable, so I guess I have no option... =)

Now, let me ask you because I'm curious!

What hair products you swear by?
Do you keep the same hair routine or you switch all the time?
What's your current hair routine?
Tell me what works for you!
Do you care more about hair, skin or make-up?


What's eating you when you are out and about

Hi there Monday!

How was your weekend? Mine was pretty good. I didn't get done half of what I wanted but there was party, good company and lots, lots of salsa dancing so no complains!

Now, let's have a look at what eats me up when I'm out and about.

- One thing that drives me nuts lately is dealing with people that work in administration/bureaucracy. I'm so sorry because I'm sure not everyone is like that but for the most part I've never seen people as disrespectful as the ones that work in Swiss administration. They literally do not give a shit about you or your situation and keep sending you from door to door, making the problem grow and not helping you.

- When you have somewhere to go and you are tight on time and the public transportation normally fast and in time, gets stuck in every red light and seems to drive slower than usual. 

- Missing for five minutes your bank office open, your favourite restaurant or a movie.

- Forgetting things in public places.

- Having experience working in customer service I firmly believe that some customers out there really need some re-education. I don't stand disrespectful customers. 

- Realizing I have no cash and I forgot all my cards at home. When you forget the keys is even worse.

- Annoying kids that don't know how to behave in public places. Mostly because I think it is the parents responsability to teach their kids how to behave. Also, if you want to let your kid go nuts at home that's cool with me but I can't understand why some kids go crazy no matter where they are and parents don't know how to control them.

- Stores closing at 7pm at the latest and no opening at all on sundays.

And I think that's it for today!!

What are your plans for this week?


Woah!!I'm going nail crazy!! Essie haul

So...it would have come sooner or later. Being a beauty addict as I am
I've been more conscious about taking care of my nails lately. I don't have naturally pretty nails but it is true that the appearance and strength improves when I paint them.

I didn't really own any "good" polishes and since these were discounted at 7 FCH when normally you have to pay 25 FCH for them, I could not resist myself.

From left to Right:
Over the edge (this one was from my secret santa!),
Ole Caliente
Bangle Jangle
Bobing for Babbles

From left to right:
A crewed interest
Nothing else matters
School of hard rocks

If you follow me on Instagram, you might have seen my chubby hands rocking some of these colors!

I have to recognize that 7 FCH still feels like too much for nail polish, but at least I got 4 at the regular prize of 1. Kind of insane that there are so expensive in Geneva...

Any how, I'm really enjoying darker colors right now.
What colors have you been enjoying/you can't leave without?
Recommendations of drugstore nail polishes?


Going all Natural SKINCARE UPDATE!

If you have been following my "Going all Natural SKINCARE" series, you might be wondering where is part three: HYDRATION.

To be honest, I'm not following that skincare routine anymore so I was not sure if it made sense to talk about it. It feels bad to recomend something like I was doing when all of the sudden stops working. Anyways, I thought it was worth to put it out there in case someone is interested and then explain why I'm not following this routine anymore.


Basically, my hydration routine consisted in using oils as my moisturizers. Not any oils, but oils that correspond to my skin type. 

I found all the information here. This site is amazing. It has all the information you need about a lot of oils used for skincare and how to use them.

The main idea of substituting your creams for oils, specially if your skin is oily, is to simulate your skin natural oils so it doesn't produce in excess.

At night I was using a few drops of Hazelnut oil. It is a light, penetrating oil that is slightly astringent. It is suitable for acne prone skin. Hazelnut oil is high in essential fatty acids and is soothing and healing to dry, irritated skin. Tones and tightens skin, helps maintain firmness and elasticity. encourages cell regeneration, stimulates circulation.

This was my acne treatment. It felt a bit oily the first two days but after that my skin would drink it all up.

During the day I was using a few drops of jojoba oil. This closely resembles your own skin sebum. It has exceptional skin-softening properties, as well as the ability to minimize fine lines and wrinkles, promoting skin suppleness while assisting with the rejuvenation of the skin. Jojoba oil helps to break down sebum in plugged-up pores. 

Like with the hazelnut oil my skin drinked all up. My foundation went on just fine and I didn't find that my skin was oily during the day.

I used the whole ALL NATURALL regime for about almost three months. However, I incorporated each step separately to see if my skin was reacting as I wanted to it. For hydration I'd say I use jojoba and hazelnut oil for a whole month.

I think I've mentioned in my other two posts, but the results I was getting with this regime were amazing. I was barely breaking out and my scaring was reducing. Deni kept on complementing me about how radiant my skin look without make-up. But not only that, my make-up products seem to look and perform better!

So if everything was so good why did I stopped?
Well...my skin went from good and balance to two days of being really dry to the worse cystic break out I've had in more than a year. The worse part was in the sides of my chin and in the side of my cheeks (where you would contour). The cheek part close to my nose, my nose and my forehead were really congested with large pores and and blackheads.

I'm not quite sure what happened. It could be a response to my lifestyle, to hormones-tho I had just passed my period so hormones were supposed to be back to normal, maybe I was being harsh on my skin without knowing it, the regime was not appropriate...I might never know.

I tried to continue as normal but withing two or three days my skin was so bad and it felt so gross I didn't know what to do. Everyday seemed worse and I couldn't believe the scaring it was leaving behind. So I stopped all the natural products and used something else.

This happened just a few days before I went home for Christmas. Even my mum commented on how bad my skin was. It took one week for the congestion to reduce completely and almost two weeks for most of the cystic acne to disappear.

I'm happy to say that to day my skin is looking pretty good. I have lots of red scaring to deal with but it seems superficial so it should go away with the right treatment and time,

I'm so happy for that and thankful!!

Would I ever try to go "all natural"?

To be honest probably not. I'm using regular natural cosmetics (like Caudelie) and it works wonders. I still think the cleansing oil method works and the ACV toner is a good anti-acne toner, but I'm afraid my skin might crazy again. So even if it is more expensive for my pocket, I'm going to stick to scientific proven lab cosmetics.

Would I recommend going "all natural" to anyone?

This is going to seem weird, but "yes" I would recomend to give it a try. Every skin is different and the fact that it didn't worked out for me, doesn't mean it won't work out for you, And it did worked for me pretty well for quite a while. There are lots of testimonials of people saying it works. Maybe I was using the wrong combination for my skin or things I shouldn't use together. Who knows!

If you were trying a natural skincare let me know.
Did it work? Did it not?
Has you mind change about it?

Anyways...I'm so looking out for friday!!!


How to be Happy #howtobehappyJanuary

We are almost at the end of January 2013 so it was about time that I posted my "resolutions" or the things I want to do to be happier in this new year.

I decided to do it in video format. I'm still getting used to to talk to a camera but it was really fun to do this video. It didn't take me that long. However, editing was quite a long process.
I put lots of love on this project so I hope you enjoy it.

I have some annotations in the video- maybe a bit too many- but I wanted to make sure everything was clear.

Thanks for watching!!

Here is the link of the video I refer to at the beginning 


What's eating you know? Link- up

Since yesterday I feel like the Grinch.
Great that it isn't Christmas because I would totally go and crash the spirit.
So this link up comes in handy!

Today's Topic: Social Media and Blogging

Here is my list :

About social media in general- a) There might be a bit too much of social networks out there. b) Sometimes I don't feel comfortable about everything being connected and taking lots of time to change all your privacy settings. More to that, most of the time your social sites have to be connected. It isn't even that everyone can know what you are doing, it is also the fact that the WRONG people might be seeing all you do.

Pinterest- I agree with Paige in this one. It drives me nuts when you see a pin you like, you click on it and you go to a site with no description whatsoever. It's like: "yeah, nice...very useful!"
What about pins that lead you to pages where you need to sing up to see the content?

Google/Gmail- The king of getting you connected. Sometimes comes in handy to have just one email and not a 10 different ones. But why do you have to connect everything and once everything is connected is very difficult/hardly impossible to associated to another email account?

I created this blog out of impulse. So obviously I didn't even think that I should have created a separate account for blogging. MY fault. I didn't even think that I would received so much "blog stuff" to the point of messing around too much my principal email inbox (the one I use for work and such). The new blogger profile doesn't help a lot. It connects you to G+ and there is no way you can change your settings. At least the only way around it that I found is to go back to the old blogger profile. Well finally I manage to do it and I have a new email associated with my blog but guess what? all my blog reading list got lost and now I have to go over each blog (the ones I remember) and follow them again. SO if yesterday you had at least one new follower, it was me (and you have me double!). If not leave your blog down below so I make sure I follow you.

I didn't have that much luck with youtube. 

Twitter- some people tweet way too much...and it'd be great to have a bit more of extra space =)

Blogger/No reply bloggers- I don't know how many times I've fixed this problem and every now and then someone tells me that I am a "no reply blogger". Like...what?! It drives me crazy because again the only way to change those settings is going back to the old profile. And also, I put lots of love and thought in my comments and from what I know most people don't ever answer me. Not that I blame anyone. But it feels a bit "empty", like talking to a wall.


I don't have much love for wordpress. I don't know it so it might be it. But maybe blogger could add more cool things =)

Oh, and apparently my blog has problems of coding or I don't know what...

Blog slow motion: I guess I'm for the most part responsible for this but sometimes it upsets me a little bit to see how slow things grow in my blog. But it is ok =)

Passionfruit Adds- Am I the only person whose transactions never go through when paying adds with paypal? INSANE

And that's it for today.

 It's freezing out but the sun has decided to pay us a visit so I should probably being smiling a little bit more.




I saw this post at Anna's Geek Can Be Chic and thought it was a fun thing to do and a way to let you know more about myself (maybe?)

 I'm going to link this post to Anna's. But also I'm going to tag people!!that way is all more fun! If you decide to do this post leave the link down below!

5 Things You Will Find in my Bag
1.  Any lip balm
2. Gum
3. My phone
4. A pen
5. Way too many lip products

5 Things You Will Find in my Bedroom (in my case studio!!)
1. A mixture of Deni's things and mine's
2. Too many clothes
3. Too many beauty products
4. Lots of multimedia
5. Groceries

5 Things I Have Always Wanted to Do
1. Have long hair (and I've accomplised it!)
2. Live in Istambul and California
3. Visit Thailand, Bali and South America
4. Have a gorgeous family
5. A cat!

5 Things I am Currently Loving

1. My new camera!
2. German course
3. 30 day shred and green drinks
4. The show "New girl" 
 Earth's Children Series.

I'm tagging:
A dose of Paige
La vita e bella
KV's confessions

Have a nice weekend everyone!!

Exciting news!At least for me!


One week of Juicing!

Have you heard? Green-drinks are IN!
It's all over the Internet. Everyone is doing it!
One week challenges, detox diets, as a meal or as a snack to boost your health up.
Who needed fire when raw seems healthier!

(Sorry bad joke here. I've been reading a lot of the Earth's Children Series.
I recommended 100%)

It's been a week since I started taking green drinks and I have to say that I'm loving it!
I feel great and energize. Even my belly is more flat and the rest of my body seems lighter.

I don't have a juicer so I just use a regular blender. Less practical but all the more I'm taking since everything I put in the measuring container becomes "juice" product.
Nothing goes to waist!!

I have yet to try a lot of different combinations of fruits and vegetables.
That's the good thing about it, you can't say you will get bored of the taste!

And talking about taste, it IS DELICIOUS! I would have never thought that but it's true.

But going back to the ingredients this is the first recipe I tried and the one that got me directly hooked.

2-3 handful of Spinach (it has more proteins than red meet!)
1 pear (this gives the taste)
Half a mango (it gives a smooth texture to the juice)
1 handful of blueberries (to add some antioxidants)

Another version:
2-3 handful of Spinach 
1 pear 
A piece of cucumber
Half a lemon
1 banana
1 handful of blueberries
(you can add mango here too if you want)

These two are quite light in consistency so I'd take them as an afternoon snack or aside with a small sandwich.

If I want to make myself pretty full, this is another combination that I like very much:
2-3 handful of Spinach 
1 banana
1 orange
Half a mango
1 pear

It has become a favourite of mine.

OH! I DO NOT ADD MILK, because I've been avoiding lactose products as much as possible since I believe they have a direct effect in my acne. Things like almond or rice milk are not easy to get a hold on in Geneva. Anyhow, if I need to add some liquid, I'll add one cup of water.

And I try to go for organic ingredients whenever is possible.

I think I'm ready to start experimenting with different things like carrots and celery. 
I'll keep you posted on that.

For tons of great recipes go here.

Anyone wanting to try it? I challenge you!
if you do, come back and let me know.
Love me some green!


Turn it UP!

Great songs to put in replay mode!


Pink will always be amazing

 I can't believe this song it's famous right now and it came out in 2010...like hello?? 
where have they been all this time? or where have I been?

What's been repeating in your head lately?


Eat, sleep, laugh...picture it!

I'm not very fond of twitter. I don't know why but it doesn't keep my interest up.
So if you follow me on twitter, you won't be "reading" much of me there.

Now, if you happen to follow me on Instagram 
You have probably notice lots of activity lately.
(Please follow! I love to follow back!)

And that's because:
a) I've decided I have to try to post one picture a day (at least)
b) I'm in cooking/healthy life style mode
And Instagram motivates me to do both.

(More on my resolutions for 2013 coming up soon!)

I've even slept in for the first time in ages and treated myself with some brunch...

And too bad I completely forgot to take a picture of the most delicious 

I've also done some German, for the first time in weeks, and some cleaning and laundry.
Can someone explain to me how dishes keep adding up?
It seems like the only thing I do is the dishes! but the still add up no matter what!

I Have also entered the wagon of healthy green drinks and "30 day shred" workouts.
(It hurts horrible afterwards!)
As soon as I see some changes, I'll let you know.
So far, so good. I feel great! light, happy, more flat and tight!

I've been laughing a lot and what not.
I don't know if the fact that I was laughing so hard and on my own thanks to Zooey Deschanel makes the whole thing a little bit weird.
Anyhow, it's been a long time since a show makes me laugh so hard.
Check "New Girl".

And you? What have you been up to?
ready for the week?
are you working out? eating healthy?
share recipes with me!!
do you have instagram? leave it down below!
what are you watching right now?


Dicember Make-up Haul VIDEO!

Hey guys!

I recorded this video a while ago but I didn't have time to edited and prepare a blog post about it before I went to Madrid. I didn't bring my laptop with me and my brother had a hard time letting me use his (Yeah, he is that nice with me).

So here it is. All the make-up I've been buying in the last few weeks!

Products metioned in the video:

- Naked 2 palette by Urban Decay (Ebay)
- Nars yachiyo DUPE blush brush (Ebay)
- Maybelline color tatto in Pink Gold
- Mybelline The Falsies Flared
- Max Factor 2000 Calories Volume & Curl
- Maybelline Ilegal Lengths
- KIKO smoky eye pencil in brown
- KIKO GLOSSY eye pencil in black
- Beauty Blendder sponge DUPE from H&M
- NYX cream Blush in Rose Petal
- RIMMEL MATCH perfection light perfecting radiance foundation in 200 Soft Beige and 300 Sand
- Max Factor FACEFINITY All Day Flawless 3 in 1 foundation in 60 Sand
- Refillable travel parfum spay in pink
- Giorgio Armani ARMANI CODE Eau de parfum for her
- L'Oreal Touch magique concealer in Ivory and Soft Beige
- Maybelline Pure Cover Mineral concealer in 02 Natural
- Max Factor Experience Sheer Gloss Balm in Coral

I want to do blogs on some of these products but if there is something in particular that you want to know about let me know!

Ready for the weekend?
Happy Friday!


Glad to be back + pics re-CAP

Such a shame this is so bad quality because I love this to pieces!

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!with some really cool geneva people
Lots of traveling!
Going home twice
Yes!Geneva has its own PERKS CENTRAL!
That kind of magic
Getting in the spirit
Fighting over chocolate! mine is the one on the left!
There were cocktails!
Lots of this "little" monster!
And presents of course!
Good friends
Sexy toilet paper
And Red!
A few pictures from here and there.
It's been already a week since Deni left for his intership.
The very first days were a bit hard. Going home a second time helped a lot.

Glad to be back tho.
More content to come!

How's everyone doing in this first week of 2013?