Woah!!I'm going nail crazy!! Essie haul

So...it would have come sooner or later. Being a beauty addict as I am
I've been more conscious about taking care of my nails lately. I don't have naturally pretty nails but it is true that the appearance and strength improves when I paint them.

I didn't really own any "good" polishes and since these were discounted at 7 FCH when normally you have to pay 25 FCH for them, I could not resist myself.

From left to Right:
Over the edge (this one was from my secret santa!),
Ole Caliente
Bangle Jangle
Bobing for Babbles

From left to right:
A crewed interest
Nothing else matters
School of hard rocks

If you follow me on Instagram, you might have seen my chubby hands rocking some of these colors!

I have to recognize that 7 FCH still feels like too much for nail polish, but at least I got 4 at the regular prize of 1. Kind of insane that there are so expensive in Geneva...

Any how, I'm really enjoying darker colors right now.
What colors have you been enjoying/you can't leave without?
Recommendations of drugstore nail polishes?


  1. Yay Essie!! <3 Love these colors!

  2. beautiful colors ! i love essie !

    x Liyana