Naked 2 vs. Undress me too palette - REVIEW

Probably you've heard this before but the NAKED 2 palette is probably my favourite neutral palette of all time. I believe I have featured it in a few of my videos. 

What happens when your favourite low cost brand comes out with an almost exact dupe?
You scream of excitement "UNDRESSED ME TOO"!! (after all you have to undressed to be naked... =P)

Yeah, bad joke there...but today I'm going to be comparing the Naked 2 palette with this palette from MUA called UNDRESSED ME TOO.

In a previous post I compared the original Naked with MUA's Undressed and I gave my opinion on MUA's eyeshadows in general. Click here for that =)

The first thing I would say when I look at both of them is that both are extremely similar- minus size and packaging of course.

Now, let's take a look at the eyeshadows.