Warm & cute OOTD!!

I've been loving this knitted dark grey dress lately.

It's so comfy and warm...paired with black tights and really warm black boots.

And my ridiculously happy face with my ear warmers!!
(People look at me really weird when I wear them...)

Hope you all have an amazing weekend!!!

We might wake up tomorrow with SNOW!!


My MUA order arrive TODAY!!

I'm soooo rexcited!!

Ten days ago or so I did a post letting you know about the offer that MUA (Make-up Academy) had going on for hitting 35,000 likes on facebook.

Well, my order came in today!!

I will be reviewing this products pretty soon!


Watches I'm loving...

I'm a person that keeps accessories very simple. I haven't worn a watch on regular basis for years. 

Probably you are astonished right now 
"how can I live without such an important element in my life?

Well, the things is I do and watches are not something I normally mind for.
Lately I've been a bit into watches and I've decided I want to have one but I can't decide and most of the time and I don't like the designs that much.
Deni keeps telling me to pick one so he can give it to me as a present (such a cute thing he is) but i don't know...

Having seen so much in the beauty/fashion world that almost every girl has now a Michael Kors watch, I ended up falling a bit for it...

However I think I like better these ones than the rose gold that everyone has.

Source: google.be via Anouck on Pinterest

I think I actually love much more this two here and they have a most reasonable prize:

Now, this is the watch I would probably buy if I had a proper good Swiss salary...<3
Because I don't know if you know, but in Europe there is something called the Swiss dream (kind of like it used to be the american dream!).
 That dream includes little pieces of art like this one....after all Switzerland is Capital of watches so if you are going to buy one, let it be swiss...

(How much money do you have to earn to pay around 3000CHF for a watch?!) 
I think I will keep dreaming for the moment =)

Source: amazon.com via Beatriz on Pinterest


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Random facts about me

There are a few weird things I do when Deni is not in Geneva. I don't know why but I seem to procrastinate more than usual. And some times I would lose track of time...

But that might still happen when he is around, so I'm not sure if there is a direct relation.
Yet, there are two remarkable changes in my sleeping behaviour when he is out of town:

1) I would watch any show or movie until I'm almost falling sleep, no matter how tired I am or how late it is.
2) Once I'm exhausted and I'm ready to turn on the computer,I'll place it in Deni's side of the bed...

I don't know if my brain is trying to fill in the empty space or I am just lazy...anyhow it seems as if Deni's absence translates in some sleeping disorder for me.

The good news? He is going away the 1st of January 2013 for two months and a half to do an intership...

sleeping disorder eh?
Challenge accepted !! =P


Skin care products I'd love to try

It seems that Skincare is one of those things that either you are born with beautiful skin or you spend tons of money on it. For years I have struggle with really bad acne and I've tried almost everything. The excuse of "don't worry you are just young and it will go away" or "oh, but your skin will age very beautifully" didn't convinced me. 

Now, that my skin is most of the time "ok" I'm starting to be more concerned about what products I use. No one can say, but some times I wonder if part of the problem was the products I used. I do know that acne has many causes and I know that some times the prize is not a reflection of the quality of the product, but still I wonder if I should start really investing on good skin care now that I am in my mid-twenties.

I'm trying to look for more or less natural products that won't make a huge whole in my bank account.
Two years ago I was tempted to try some skin care products from REN, but finally never did. I've heard a lot of rave on this product in particular- and all of the products of this line- and I was determined to treat myself with one of these for Christmas.

Looking at the website I found these three that I might also like.

They have also travel kits that seem quite tempting and a good opportunity to try different products at once.

I'm a bit bipolar when it comes to buying, but for good or for bad my saver side is stronger than my spender. 

And now a few questions for you!

Are you a saver or a spender?
Have you already made your Christmas list wish?
Do you think is worth spending more on skin care?
Are you more drugstore or high end?
Have you tried REN?
What's your holy grail product?


My make-up organizer from IKEA!

I've never had a proper make-up organizer, nor that I really needed to. My basic daily make-up would be in a make-up bag and everything else in another auxiliary bag/box. But as my love for make-up started to grow I found myself adding extra bags/boxes to keep everything with a minimal order.

At the end I will have all my make-up away and only use the same items over and over again not being even conscious of what I had.
And well, if I'm going to spend my money in make-up the least I could do is properly use it and benefit form it, right? =D

Since I don't really have that muuuuch make-up- this is very objective because for all my friends I have way too much- I found this medium organizer from IKEA that perfectly fits my needs. I keep it in a drawer so it isn't all in the way.

Probably 70% to 80% of what I own is in this organizer: all my face products, make-up brushes, mascaras, eyeliners...mostly or my lip products-my most used or those more winter-like- and all my neutrals single eye shadows.

Like sou see it is already pretty full...I even have some accessories!

(*My Garnier BB cream is in that position because other wise the organizer doesn't fit in the drawer)
Here I keep accesories, eyeshadows, lip products, foundations + face primer and blushes

Here I keep all my eye products in the first level- which moves back and for- and in the bottom part I keep face products and other things I use slightly less.

Thanks to this organizer not only I know what I have (and shouldn't be buying more....) but I take advantage of it to switch blushes or lip colors because everything is at hand. Also, and this is a huge thing, it helps to keep everything in place. Now one I'm done using one product and put it directly in its place instead of leaving it n'importe où.

And you, Do you have a big collection or a small one?
Hod do you organize it?
Share with me tips and Ideas!!


MUA 35% off + free shipping offer!!

MUA or Make-Up Academy is holding an amazing offer in facebook to celebrate that they reached 35,000 likes!

MUA is known for having high quality professional make-up at very (very!!) affordable prizes. The huge downside is that you can only buy it online- they do international shipping tho-and in shops Superdrugs in the UK. When I went to London in June I couldn't get my hands on anything from the brand because it was sold out everywhere. I couldn't get passed this opportunity and I have already placed my order with an extra surprise item for you guys!

Ahhh I'm so excited to get my goodies!

Check their website if you are interested!


Sometimes I miss my straight hair...

A month and a half or maybe two months agor I straighted my hair for the first time since last winter.

I actually miss it.
I know it isn't that big of a deal, but you know...a girl's thing LOL

I love how shiny and soft it feels...
So easy to comb through.

But it takes too much time.
To Style it.
To take care of it.
To keep the style.

Any advices from someone in the same situation?


Monday Wisdom

It's been a while (a long one) since my last wisdom post

I found this in facebook and thought it goes perfect to what I'm dealing right now professionally speaking.

Happy Monday everyone!


My (NEW) two favourite blushes! H&M blushes review

I don't know if you've ever paid attention to H&M's make-up collection. To be honest, as the beauty addict and make up lover that I am, I would always look around and spend some quality time to go through their line but I have never really bought anything until recently. 

And I have to say so far I'm loving what I bought and I am quite impressed quality wise.

Today I want to talk about this two gorgeous blushes that have become my favourite and the only thing I use lately.

12. Dazzling Peach and 17. Tawny Rose (price around 6 FCH)

Dazzling Peach is a lovely rosy-peach everyday color. It has little tiny sparkles that give a healthy fresh look to the skin. It's creamy in texture, pigmented but very blendable.

I think Tawny Rose is my favourite. I love this type of dusty-warm rose colors. I find this one in particular to be a very special color. The camera is not making justice to it. It has again little tiny golden sparkles but with a creamy almost metallic texture to it. It looks amazing on the cheeks. You have to be a bit careful with this one because it is very pigmented but still not hard to work with.

So there! 
I hope I created in you the need to go right now to an H&M and buy one of these blushes!! 
At least take a look at them and swatch them. If you love bargains, this one is worth the hype.

Love, Bea


Want a blog make-over for free?

Hello there!

If you have read one of my most recent posts I participate in the mbd-training center (here) and learned how do to blog/web designs in different platforms. Probably you have noticed the change in my own blog and I hope you like it!I'm still new at this and I haven't had much time so it isn't done, but I'm getting there.

I was so crazy about designing that I showed to Ro (mbd-tc owner's) my designs and she loved them!!More than that, she asked me to help her with a new project she is working on. I don't really have many details yet, but I am quite excited about it.

In the mean time, I'm really thinking about offering designing services on my own. But since I'm new and so far I've been designing only for MYSELF  I want to test first if I am able to design for someone else based on their directions.

I want to test myself and I want YOU to test me!

And this is way, I'm offering 2 blog design's make overs for FREE! 

Did you get that?? FOR FREE! Including:
- Background
- Header
- Link bar
- Favicon
- Post signature
- Social media Icons
- Blog button
- Installation

1) send me an email to livingingeneva@gmail.com with the title "FREE BLOG DESIGN". The first 2 emails I get in my inbox would get confirmation and some questions to help me know exactly what you want.
2) We will work together until you like what you see. If you decided to keep my design I will ask you to keep credit of my work in your blog for as long as you use it and do a blog post about it.
3) Deadlines would be set as soon as I start to work and as long as my life allows it. It won't take forever but I will ask you to please have some pacience =)

Here are other examples of what I've been doing. Bare in mind that since it was for me, all my templates look similar but yours would look totally different. In fact I will try to make it look exactly as you want it!!

I will expect your emails!!

If you want to know more about the mbd-training center, click down here!

MBD - Training Center

Chocolate Fondant Banana Cake--quick and easy

I'm so into cooking lately. It might be the cold already installed in Geneva...and the fact that we actually have an amazing avon in our little studio.

I have never baked before so I can't say I'm great at it but I guess I'm not bad either! I was craving cake all weekend, so yesterday I woke up early and I did this amazing cake before going to work. I post the recipe on Pinterest which I modify from 2 I found on the internet. I think the quantities are quite ok if you are worried about the extra calories.

Let me know if you try it!or if you have any great cakes I should try!

Source: via Beatriz on Pinterest