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Hello there!

If you have read one of my most recent posts I participate in the mbd-training center (here) and learned how do to blog/web designs in different platforms. Probably you have noticed the change in my own blog and I hope you like it!I'm still new at this and I haven't had much time so it isn't done, but I'm getting there.

I was so crazy about designing that I showed to Ro (mbd-tc owner's) my designs and she loved them!!More than that, she asked me to help her with a new project she is working on. I don't really have many details yet, but I am quite excited about it.

In the mean time, I'm really thinking about offering designing services on my own. But since I'm new and so far I've been designing only for MYSELF  I want to test first if I am able to design for someone else based on their directions.

I want to test myself and I want YOU to test me!

And this is way, I'm offering 2 blog design's make overs for FREE! 

Did you get that?? FOR FREE! Including:
- Background
- Header
- Link bar
- Favicon
- Post signature
- Social media Icons
- Blog button
- Installation

1) send me an email to livingingeneva@gmail.com with the title "FREE BLOG DESIGN". The first 2 emails I get in my inbox would get confirmation and some questions to help me know exactly what you want.
2) We will work together until you like what you see. If you decided to keep my design I will ask you to keep credit of my work in your blog for as long as you use it and do a blog post about it.
3) Deadlines would be set as soon as I start to work and as long as my life allows it. It won't take forever but I will ask you to please have some pacience =)

Here are other examples of what I've been doing. Bare in mind that since it was for me, all my templates look similar but yours would look totally different. In fact I will try to make it look exactly as you want it!!

I will expect your emails!!

If you want to know more about the mbd-training center, click down here!

MBD - Training Center

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