Garnier BB cream for oily skin...My summer must have!


Today I want to talk about one of my favourite products for the past month an a half or so and a must have for everyone that wants to look good without too much trouble.

From Garnier's website
I believe you all know the original BB cream from Garnier. It came out last summer and there was a lot of fuzz about it being the first european BB cream. I bought mine at the end of the summer (more like october I think) and as much as I wanted to like it, it just didn´t work for me. 

Before I continue with the review, let you know that I have combination skin, sometimes more normal and sometimes more oily, and prone to have large pores and a little bit of acne like two times a month (conciding with hormonal picks and when I have more oily skin). 

Having said that, let's go back to the original BB cream. It had a nice consistancy and feeling in the hand, but then it felt heavy in the skin like it didn´t sink in and my face was all wet. Even if I have combination skin, I don´t feel I have to worry a lot about shine coming throug the day, but if a foundation is too thick or oily, my skin would directly "sweat it out". And with the BB cream this effect happened like half an hour after I've applied. Even if I applied too little, sacrificing coverage, or I used tons of powder. Bref, I used it two times, left it somewhere in my messy room and completely forgot about it.

When at the begining of this summer I saw the "New Garnier Miracle Skin Daily All-in-One BBCream for combination/oily skin" at the drugstore I jumped with excitement. Would it be better than the original?? I hesitated for a moment but I managed to try it in my hand and it felt so right that I bought it (No need to say that as soon as I came out from the store I started checking in my phone the reviews already out there about the product and I was very pleased with what I read!)

Note aside: it seems that garnier is launching in august another BB cream for Sensitive Skin (to reduce redness) and one Anti-Ageing (with skin firming ingredients).

The very first difference is the packaging, which I much prefer, and then the amount of product: 50mL the original with SPF 15 and 40mL the one for oily skin with SPF 20. The SPF is an improvement (separate sunblock is advised anyways) and about the amount since a little bit goes a long way,  it will last you for a long time.
Left: BB cream for oily skin;
 Right: Original BB cream.
Then, there is the consistency which is much lighter, kind of runny, but none the less really pigmented which makes it have a nice coverage: light but definitely buildable to medium. In the hand it dries out matte, but in the face leaves a really nice healthy glow without shines or looking oily. Not exactly dewy, but for sure a beautifull healthy look. 
Left: BB cream for oily skin;
 Right: Original BB cream.
It lasts in the skin for hours and if you use primer and dust some powder on top, needed in these really hot days, the coverage and staying powder increase. ADVICE: for extra coverage, mix with your favourite foundation, you'll get the best of both!! I have the light color in both versions. The original seems to be a little darker than the one for oily skin, but both of them oxidize a little bit so they turn out to be not as light. I feel like if they adapted quite well to the natural skin color.

The BB cream claims to be a miracle skin perfector, which gives immediately perfected skin. With Perlite anti-shine to keep skin matte for longer, blurrs pores and imperfections, evens tones + gives a boost glow, moisturises and has SPF 20 UV protection. 

I'm not sure if it is available in every country, at least I've seen it in Genève, London and Madrid so it shouldn´t take a long time to hit the stores everywhere. Prize is around 13 FCH, 8-9 £ and 10-12 euros.
BB cream oily skin + powder+ bronzer(no flash)
I haven´t tried asiatic BB creams or not even many of the european ones so at this point I can't really compare. I like looking good and having some coverage but I like to feel and look natural. That makes foundation my eternal nightmare. This product is lighter than medium to full coverage foundations, but very pigmented being better than a tinted moisturizer or even some light foundations out there. For me it's clear, I like it and I will buy it again when I run out. I'm sure it'd be a must have in fall and winter too. 

Without further do, I'll let you go. I apologize for the super long post, like you see I really like this product and I had lots to say about it!!

If you've tried it, leave your opinion, suggestions and friendly comments down below, share and subscribe! =D


Cosnova beauty


Probably the name of this post means nothing to you, but what if say Essence and CATRICE? there things change and your eyes might illuminate with understandment. 

Cosnova beauty is a german company that for over more that 10 years, offers make-up products at a high quality/price ratio through its two make up lines: Essence and CATRICE

Essence was launched in 2002 and ever since its path has been fulled of success. The essence brand stands for unique innovation and trend competence combined with top quality at a affordable prices, making it Europe´s best selling cosmetics brand in the low price range (in words from Cosnova itself).
Her sister CATRICE was launched a bit later in 2004 and we didn´t hear much about her until 2011, coinciding with Cosnova's 10th birthday, when the brand was re-launched and-oh boy!-that's where you can say that this company got it all right! CATRICE it's define as stylish, pulsating, sensual, glamorous-inspired by the latest looks and lifestyles from the top fashions cities of the world.

Both brands present around 12 Trend Editions per year and the entire range is also revised to keep the lines up with the latest innovations. Essence apart from make-up and make-up accesories, offers also feet and hand care as well as a skin care range very convinient for a younger public (in my opinion). CATRICE is more focused in make-up and accesories offering a wider diversity of finishes and textures, combined with a a more proffesional style and more quality looking packaging, so in my opinion directed to a" young adult" type of public. 

Cosnova beauty claims that its producst are of top quality so suppliers are subjected to rigorous controls, as well as they claim that any of the products they produced neither the ingridients suppliers they work with, do test in animals.

They have convinced me, what about you?In future posts, I'll share my favourite products so be free to share yours =)

"...High-quality yet affordable, exclusive and trendy, innovative and always contemporary – this is cosnova’s concept of beauty that resonates with women around the world" (extracted from cosnova's web site)



When I don't know what to eat...SUSHI!

This is where I had lunch the other day...MIKADO! I'm a sushi lover, but my no means a sushi expert!

So if you know a better sushi place with a decent prices let me know =)

Poulet Teriyaki and Sushi (Plainpalais)

In the mean time, I think this place is great. You have variety at a good quality, prices range from 6-7 to 14FCH and you can eat on the go: sur place ou à l'emporter!! =)



Natural hair and lazy summer days!

This is how I've been styling my hair the past few months...no heat, no over products, all natural...=)
Parc des bastions

Watch out because in future posts I'll talk about what i do to keep my hair healthy and what products I'm using =)

Suggestions are welcoming, please comment, share and subscribe if you like it =)

Bargain...New Sandals!

I couldn´t help myself with this bargain...All leather, this sandals where 49,95 FCH and I bought them for 34,95 FCH.

La Halle Chaussures, Rue de Lausanne

Considering how expensive is this country, the quality and how cute they are-it was imposible to resist!

They are confortable and with this heat we are having the best thing to wear...=)


What's in my Sony Xperia


Today I will talk about what's on my phone and which are my favourite apps. I have a Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc. I have it since December and I absolutly love it!! I've never had fancy cell phones and I kind of understand why not because now it seems that I can not move without it!

There are so many new phones this days that i find it kind of hard to keep up, so probably mine is already an antique xD

(for extra information about specifications etc: click here

Anyways, going back to what I have in my phone...


This is what I have in my main page. I have the weather widget set for Geneva at the right, quite usefull!, and My period tracker at the left (sorry if this is too much information for somebody =P). Pretty self-explanatory both of them.

At the bottom I have direct link to my music, text msg, contacts and phone calls. This is kind of my most basics and used ones.

I just recently discovered how to organize my apps in folders. Yeah I know, it's kind of lame but I thought that was something that only certains phones could do and I never thought mine was one of them...=)

So I was just happy cliking in the central key and scrolling through the different pages in search of whatever app I wanted to use.

Now, that I discover how to organize my apps I have 5 different folders that for the sake of this post, are located in my main page. I guess I'll switch the distribution as to not to have everything so crowded but for the moment it doesn't bother me and I find it quite handy!

My first folder is called "Social media" and it has everything I need to stay in touch with people. 

My facebook personal page and facebook messenger (I find it works better that the chat in the facebook app), tuenti which is like the spanish version of facebook, what's app, twitter, instagram, skype, google talk (which I have never used), blogger and bloglovin' to follow my favourites blogs.

My most used ones are facebook and instagram. I'm a huge instagram lover and follower <3

I hope blogger becomes one of my most used ones since it would mean that I'm blogging a lot on the go and that my blogs works!! (Fingers cross...!!)

Next folder is where I keep everything I need to do and retouch photos.

My camera, photo gallery and a bunch of apps to add effects and filters like, picsart (good for adding effects and doing collages), photo editor, photo grid (nice for adding in frames various pictures together), retouch free and pixlr-o-matic (it's great with tons of effects).

I'm looking for good apps to mark your photos and add figures like hearts, stars and that type of thing so I'm open to any recommendations!

Next I have a folder called "accesories" with all my basic things like settings, gmail, hotmail, internet access, alarm, calculator, google maps, calendar, watch, google translater, play store and Springpad.

I'm quite a messy person. I always tell myself I should write things down and have a planner to plan my days and my work, but it seems not to workk for me whatsoever!!so I'm always looking for cool apps with the ilusion that the would get me to organize myself better (since I use my phone so much).

I haven't gotten to really use springpad but I find it's a really cool app. It allows you to save ideas, notes and tasks, clip articles and things you find on the web, share all that with your family and friends and see what others are sharing...(for more info).

In this folder (which I think I won't be keeping in my main page) I have direct acces to my music, Shazam (everyone knows this one, it works amazing!!) and TuneIn radio. I really like this last one because you can listen to any radio for anywhere wherever you are (I think!).

I also have Track ID and Radio FM which I have never used.

like you see nothing interesting here.

In my next and last folder, called "Games etc" which I think I shoudl called something cool like "Productivity", I have three types of apps.

- Health appsMy diet diary and my fitness buddy, which again I haven't really gotten to use them but from what I've seen they seem to be the best of their type. And then apps like recetario or recipes where I kind look for new recipes and write my favourite ones etc.
Cultural apps: like verbs in french, french trainer and test your english.
Last but not least Games: I used to have Tiny tower, island paradise and Tetris but I got tired of them. Right now, tho I don't really play that much anymore, Triple town, Mouse and Bubble Blast.

So this is it!! 

I'm sorry for the long post. I don't know if this was interesting or of much help at all, but hey...I'm just putting it out there in case there is someone that would care to read it =)

(Now that I think of, I'm actually missing in the folders apps like youtube, officesuite...lol)

Hope you are all doing great and see you soon!



Douglas and Migros beauty haul!

Today, I will show you some goodies I got not long ago. Nothing fancy, but I find it still interesting.

(Please don' mind the messiness around...=)

From Douglas:
- XSmall, Any size, any time Facial beauty water.
XSmall, Any size, any time Purifying cleansing water.
XSmall, Any size, any time Vivifying toning lotion.

From Migros
- I am young clear Thermo Waschpeeling.
- Labello Love therapy "Rêve de framboise" (limited edition).

I have already used all of them and I'm quite enjoying the Vivifying toning Lotion and the Thermo waschpeeling. The Labello lip balm is turning out to be a dissapointment wich is odd since I normally love all Labello lipbalms!

I bought this products out of curiosity and it kind of surprised me that there are not many reviews out there, not to say "none", neither in spanish, English or French.

(Well, I found a few but in german so it wasn't much of a help hehe)

I'll keep trying them and I will probably review them when I have a more clear idea of what I think of them.

à bientôt!


Nature and coffe!


Today I wanted to share this picture with you. 

Parc de la Jonction

I took the picture with my cell phone and I manage to deleted thinking I wouldn't need it anymore...and guess what? After having published this picture in every public social network I'm in, I decide to start a blog and had to rescue this picture from my facebook personal page...=)

So here it is and I hope you like it...

Bonne soirée et à bientôt!