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Probably the name of this post means nothing to you, but what if say Essence and CATRICE? there things change and your eyes might illuminate with understandment. 

Cosnova beauty is a german company that for over more that 10 years, offers make-up products at a high quality/price ratio through its two make up lines: Essence and CATRICE

Essence was launched in 2002 and ever since its path has been fulled of success. The essence brand stands for unique innovation and trend competence combined with top quality at a affordable prices, making it Europe´s best selling cosmetics brand in the low price range (in words from Cosnova itself).
Her sister CATRICE was launched a bit later in 2004 and we didn´t hear much about her until 2011, coinciding with Cosnova's 10th birthday, when the brand was re-launched and-oh boy!-that's where you can say that this company got it all right! CATRICE it's define as stylish, pulsating, sensual, glamorous-inspired by the latest looks and lifestyles from the top fashions cities of the world.

Both brands present around 12 Trend Editions per year and the entire range is also revised to keep the lines up with the latest innovations. Essence apart from make-up and make-up accesories, offers also feet and hand care as well as a skin care range very convinient for a younger public (in my opinion). CATRICE is more focused in make-up and accesories offering a wider diversity of finishes and textures, combined with a a more proffesional style and more quality looking packaging, so in my opinion directed to a" young adult" type of public. 

Cosnova beauty claims that its producst are of top quality so suppliers are subjected to rigorous controls, as well as they claim that any of the products they produced neither the ingridients suppliers they work with, do test in animals.

They have convinced me, what about you?In future posts, I'll share my favourite products so be free to share yours =)

"...High-quality yet affordable, exclusive and trendy, innovative and always contemporary – this is cosnova’s concept of beauty that resonates with women around the world" (extracted from cosnova's web site)

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