New MUA £1 blushers review

I've had these blushers for months-I think I got them before summer- so it was about time that I shared my thoughts on them. At £1 for 2,4g, I couldn't help myself and I got all 6 colors available.

Overall, I find these blushers to be of AMAZING quality. The texture is velvety soft, easy to blend and very creamy. The powder is so soft that you have to be careful when dabbing your brush or there would be a lot of fall out. That concerned me at first as I was afraid it would look too powdery and fake on the skin, but not at all. The finish is creamy, almost semi-matt and natural. And the pigmentation, oh boy the pigmentation. These blushes are so pigmented that just a light-verily-there touch of your brush would be enough. I like this packaging better than the old £1 blushers, tho it isn't the more resistant ever. I also like how they don't take much space in my make-up bag which allows me to travel with more blusher options.

Now on to the colors:

(Left side) Bubble Gum: Bubble gum is a bright coral with a pink almost magenta undertone.
(Right side) Marshmallow: This is a bright Barby pink with a cool almost lilac undertone depending on the light.

These two have been my most used blushers these summer. I guess you could classified them as "summer shades" since both look amazing on bronzed skin, but with a light hand you can use them all year around. They bright up a lot the skin. I would say they are almost completely matte shades but they have a light sheen to them, tho no sparkles are visible. My favourite is Bubble Gum as I prefer warmer shades but I've grown to like Marshmallow too.

(Left side) Lolly: Lolly is a medium true Orange/peach shade that swatches actually brighter than what you would expect. 
(Right side) Cupcake: This is a light neutral almost dusty bronze shade with a warm undertone. When compare with an actual bronzer it looks slightly more pink.

Both of these shades have very tiny golden sparkles that are only visible when direct light is hitting the pan. On the skin the sparkles are not visible. The finish is semi-matte with a lovely glow that I enjoy very much. Probably these are the two shades that I would get the most used out of all year around. Cupcake is the lighter of the bunch and needs a little bit more build up than the rest- this doesn't bother me at all as the others are way too pigmented. I think it is a perfect shade for lighter skin tones, natural make up days or paired with a strong smokey eye. I'm not sure if you could use it as a bronzer as it has that warm pink undertone. Lolly is a gorgeous bright orange shade that can be worn all year around and for many skin tones.

(Left side) Bon Bon: Bon Bon is a medium warm dusty rose shade with no apparent sparkle but a lovely sheen finish. 
(Right side) Candyfloss: This is one is a dusty lilac rose shade with silver sparkles.

Bon Bon is my most reached shade at the moment. While it is a shade you can use all year around- I think it looks amazing on a summer night as it has a coral undertone- I find that it works specially well on the colder months. It reminds me a lot of Rimmel's blush in coral and this blush from H&M in tawny rose.
About Candyfloss, I didn't like it at all at first and I haven't tried it until recently. It might not show up in the picture but it is a true lilac shade and the one packed with most sparkles of all 6, even if again they don't show much on the skin. Much to my surprise it is a nice cool undertone fall/winter shade and while it is my least favourite I started to use it every now and then to change things up a bit. 

Swatches of the 6 shades:
From left to right: Bubble Gum, Marshmallow, Lolly, Cupcake, Bon Bon and Candyfloss. 

You can get this blushers here and superdrug stores.


I'll be a make-up artist this weekend! Mary Kay

I'm super excited about this weekend coming up as I would participate for the first time in an event as a Mary Kay make-up artist! The event is no other than Miss African Queen (Switzerland 2013) and would take place this Saturday 5th October in Geneva.


DIY Ombre hair

Last week I went a little crazy about changing up my hair. You know how it goes. You get the idea in your head and you obsess over it until it's done. You need a change and you need it now! Since I couldn't wait any longer and I couldn't trust anyone to touch my hair- I only go to the salon like twice a year when I'm in Madrid- I didn't give it too much thought and decided to do it myself at home.

I'm not an expert by any means but after watching quite a few videos I got and idea of how I wanted to get it done. It might not be perfect but I actually really like the result as it turned out exactly how I wanted it to be.