I'll be a make-up artist this weekend! Mary Kay

I'm super excited about this weekend coming up as I would participate for the first time in an event as a Mary Kay make-up artist! The event is no other than Miss African Queen (Switzerland 2013) and would take place this Saturday 5th October in Geneva.

These are the beautiful ladies that we will taking care off:

And this is my personal kit already to go (all the color products like blushes, eyeshadow...will be brought by my colleagues):

I love Mary Kay's eye and foundation brushes. They work like wonders! Just so you know I will have with me more of my personal brushes- properly clean of course!
On the right side I have some cleanser and moisturizer simples, plus different bronze tones of the Mary Kay Time Wise Matte Wear Liquid Foundation and mascara/lips disposable brushes.

On to what I have in that middle pocket.

Three basic elements to achieve the perfect matt look, specially important when working with darker skin colors:
 - finishing spray- by Skindinävia same as the one from Urban Decay!  
- translucent loose powder- one shade matches them all, with mattifiying and light diffusing properties.
- oil mattifier- to create a matt base that last up to 8h.

- Ultimate mascara in black, black eyeliner and concealer

This is just what I've gather so far as I'm pretty new to the MK team, but for sure my colleagues have a ton more of things we will be using.

i hope everything goes well and i can document a little bit for the blog. Also, the local TV and newspaper from Geneva will be there and that's pretty huge!

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