Bargain...New Sandals!

I couldn´t help myself with this bargain...All leather, this sandals where 49,95 FCH and I bought them for 34,95 FCH.

La Halle Chaussures, Rue de Lausanne

Considering how expensive is this country, the quality and how cute they are-it was imposible to resist!

They are confortable and with this heat we are having the best thing to wear...=)


  1. I really like those sandals and your toes look nice with that polish!

    I would follow your blog but I cant find the GFC button, if you dont have one, I have a post on my blog on how to add it to your page. Under the blogging section called "Building your blog"


    1. Hello!!

      I fixed the thing about the GFC button, I thought that with "subscribe" it was enough (beginners!! lol). I checked out your blog and IT IS AMAZING!!I'll be happy if I ever get to have half of what you've done =)
      Thanks about the sandals, I love them. I'm wearing them all the time. And about my toes thanks again, because honestly I think I have the ugliest feet ever!!!
      Thanks for leaving the first comment and welcome!!!=)

  2. Was this what you meant? I never get updated or notified when people reply to me! I hate it, I guess I should search on how to get that going!

    Thanks so much for all the compliment! :)