Douglas and Migros beauty haul!

Today, I will show you some goodies I got not long ago. Nothing fancy, but I find it still interesting.

(Please don' mind the messiness around...=)

From Douglas:
- XSmall, Any size, any time Facial beauty water.
XSmall, Any size, any time Purifying cleansing water.
XSmall, Any size, any time Vivifying toning lotion.

From Migros
- I am young clear Thermo Waschpeeling.
- Labello Love therapy "Rêve de framboise" (limited edition).

I have already used all of them and I'm quite enjoying the Vivifying toning Lotion and the Thermo waschpeeling. The Labello lip balm is turning out to be a dissapointment wich is odd since I normally love all Labello lipbalms!

I bought this products out of curiosity and it kind of surprised me that there are not many reviews out there, not to say "none", neither in spanish, English or French.

(Well, I found a few but in german so it wasn't much of a help hehe)

I'll keep trying them and I will probably review them when I have a more clear idea of what I think of them.

à bientôt!

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