My make-up organizer from IKEA!

I've never had a proper make-up organizer, nor that I really needed to. My basic daily make-up would be in a make-up bag and everything else in another auxiliary bag/box. But as my love for make-up started to grow I found myself adding extra bags/boxes to keep everything with a minimal order.

At the end I will have all my make-up away and only use the same items over and over again not being even conscious of what I had.
And well, if I'm going to spend my money in make-up the least I could do is properly use it and benefit form it, right? =D

Since I don't really have that muuuuch make-up- this is very objective because for all my friends I have way too much- I found this medium organizer from IKEA that perfectly fits my needs. I keep it in a drawer so it isn't all in the way.

Probably 70% to 80% of what I own is in this organizer: all my face products, make-up brushes, mascaras, eyeliners...mostly or my lip products-my most used or those more winter-like- and all my neutrals single eye shadows.

Like sou see it is already pretty full...I even have some accessories!

(*My Garnier BB cream is in that position because other wise the organizer doesn't fit in the drawer)
Here I keep accesories, eyeshadows, lip products, foundations + face primer and blushes

Here I keep all my eye products in the first level- which moves back and for- and in the bottom part I keep face products and other things I use slightly less.

Thanks to this organizer not only I know what I have (and shouldn't be buying more....) but I take advantage of it to switch blushes or lip colors because everything is at hand. Also, and this is a huge thing, it helps to keep everything in place. Now one I'm done using one product and put it directly in its place instead of leaving it n'importe où.

And you, Do you have a big collection or a small one?
Hod do you organize it?
Share with me tips and Ideas!!


  1. Ooh nice storage! I think I have a medium collection...not too small, but not too large either lol I keep everything in a small train case a makeup bag...I can't wait until I have more space so I can something like what you have so it's easy access!

  2. Great storage space! It would be crazy to not have one!
    Found you through the blog hop and am your newest follower,

  3. so much makeup! i think i have a medium collection. i have several makeup bags: one for eyeshadow... one for lipstick...etc.

    i'm one of your newest followers. love the blog.

    xo lourdes