Watches I'm loving...

I'm a person that keeps accessories very simple. I haven't worn a watch on regular basis for years. 

Probably you are astonished right now 
"how can I live without such an important element in my life?

Well, the things is I do and watches are not something I normally mind for.
Lately I've been a bit into watches and I've decided I want to have one but I can't decide and most of the time and I don't like the designs that much.
Deni keeps telling me to pick one so he can give it to me as a present (such a cute thing he is) but i don't know...

Having seen so much in the beauty/fashion world that almost every girl has now a Michael Kors watch, I ended up falling a bit for it...

However I think I like better these ones than the rose gold that everyone has.

Source: google.be via Anouck on Pinterest

I think I actually love much more this two here and they have a most reasonable prize:

Now, this is the watch I would probably buy if I had a proper good Swiss salary...<3
Because I don't know if you know, but in Europe there is something called the Swiss dream (kind of like it used to be the american dream!).
 That dream includes little pieces of art like this one....after all Switzerland is Capital of watches so if you are going to buy one, let it be swiss...

(How much money do you have to earn to pay around 3000CHF for a watch?!) 
I think I will keep dreaming for the moment =)

Source: amazon.com via Beatriz on Pinterest


  1. I haven't worn a watch in forever either. I love your picks, either one would be fabulous choice.

    1. I'm seriously so happy to know that so many people dont ever wear a watch!!

  2. I love my MK watch, it's a bit more pricey but worth it I think!
    I like all the watches you have listed here, they are all lovely :)


  3. I'm not much of a watch person but the Michael Kors watches are so beautiful I'd love to own one at some point. Hope you find the perfect one that you're looking for xx

  4. I never wear watches either! I can't wear bracelets or anything on my wrists really - every time I try it just ends up bugging me an hour into my work day. If I ever get one it's going to be big, thrifted, and funky. Call me Cheapy McCheaperson :P

  5. Michael Korsssss :O <3


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