What's eating you know? Link- up

Since yesterday I feel like the Grinch.
Great that it isn't Christmas because I would totally go and crash the spirit.
So this link up comes in handy!

Today's Topic: Social Media and Blogging

Here is my list :

About social media in general- a) There might be a bit too much of social networks out there. b) Sometimes I don't feel comfortable about everything being connected and taking lots of time to change all your privacy settings. More to that, most of the time your social sites have to be connected. It isn't even that everyone can know what you are doing, it is also the fact that the WRONG people might be seeing all you do.

Pinterest- I agree with Paige in this one. It drives me nuts when you see a pin you like, you click on it and you go to a site with no description whatsoever. It's like: "yeah, nice...very useful!"
What about pins that lead you to pages where you need to sing up to see the content?

Google/Gmail- The king of getting you connected. Sometimes comes in handy to have just one email and not a 10 different ones. But why do you have to connect everything and once everything is connected is very difficult/hardly impossible to associated to another email account?

I created this blog out of impulse. So obviously I didn't even think that I should have created a separate account for blogging. MY fault. I didn't even think that I would received so much "blog stuff" to the point of messing around too much my principal email inbox (the one I use for work and such). The new blogger profile doesn't help a lot. It connects you to G+ and there is no way you can change your settings. At least the only way around it that I found is to go back to the old blogger profile. Well finally I manage to do it and I have a new email associated with my blog but guess what? all my blog reading list got lost and now I have to go over each blog (the ones I remember) and follow them again. SO if yesterday you had at least one new follower, it was me (and you have me double!). If not leave your blog down below so I make sure I follow you.

I didn't have that much luck with youtube. 

Twitter- some people tweet way too much...and it'd be great to have a bit more of extra space =)

Blogger/No reply bloggers- I don't know how many times I've fixed this problem and every now and then someone tells me that I am a "no reply blogger". Like...what?! It drives me crazy because again the only way to change those settings is going back to the old profile. And also, I put lots of love and thought in my comments and from what I know most people don't ever answer me. Not that I blame anyone. But it feels a bit "empty", like talking to a wall.


I don't have much love for wordpress. I don't know it so it might be it. But maybe blogger could add more cool things =)

Oh, and apparently my blog has problems of coding or I don't know what...

Blog slow motion: I guess I'm for the most part responsible for this but sometimes it upsets me a little bit to see how slow things grow in my blog. But it is ok =)

Passionfruit Adds- Am I the only person whose transactions never go through when paying adds with paypal? INSANE

And that's it for today.

 It's freezing out but the sun has decided to pay us a visit so I should probably being smiling a little bit more.



  1. I know how you feel. I always try to respond to people because I appreciate their feedback. I wish more people would take the time to interact.

  2. omg I thouroughly love this post, Bea! So much I agree with about...
    Ugh totally know what you mean about google. Great that you can use one email for a bunch of stuff, but the email I use for my blogger and youtube is an old email and I can't update it or use a different email without losing stuff...or they make it hard to just change it!
    Yea, I like to follow people on Twitter, but when there are so many tweets, tweets get lost and there is just too much to keep up with.
    I also agree that it would be nice to get notified when someone answers your comment lol. It's great that you can reply to comments, but what about notifications? It's almost like, what's the point?
    lol great post!

  3. omg, Bea!! I wrote a long comment on here and when I pressed publish, my comment was gone!! :/ booo
    well...I agreed with everything you said here lol
    Twitter is great to follow people, but tweets get lost when people tweet too much and there's too much to keep up with.
    I hate how my blogger and youtube use my old email and I can't just change it to one I actually use...