One week of Juicing!

Have you heard? Green-drinks are IN!
It's all over the Internet. Everyone is doing it!
One week challenges, detox diets, as a meal or as a snack to boost your health up.
Who needed fire when raw seems healthier!

(Sorry bad joke here. I've been reading a lot of the Earth's Children Series.
I recommended 100%)

It's been a week since I started taking green drinks and I have to say that I'm loving it!
I feel great and energize. Even my belly is more flat and the rest of my body seems lighter.

I don't have a juicer so I just use a regular blender. Less practical but all the more I'm taking since everything I put in the measuring container becomes "juice" product.
Nothing goes to waist!!

I have yet to try a lot of different combinations of fruits and vegetables.
That's the good thing about it, you can't say you will get bored of the taste!

And talking about taste, it IS DELICIOUS! I would have never thought that but it's true.

But going back to the ingredients this is the first recipe I tried and the one that got me directly hooked.

2-3 handful of Spinach (it has more proteins than red meet!)
1 pear (this gives the taste)
Half a mango (it gives a smooth texture to the juice)
1 handful of blueberries (to add some antioxidants)

Another version:
2-3 handful of Spinach 
1 pear 
A piece of cucumber
Half a lemon
1 banana
1 handful of blueberries
(you can add mango here too if you want)

These two are quite light in consistency so I'd take them as an afternoon snack or aside with a small sandwich.

If I want to make myself pretty full, this is another combination that I like very much:
2-3 handful of Spinach 
1 banana
1 orange
Half a mango
1 pear

It has become a favourite of mine.

OH! I DO NOT ADD MILK, because I've been avoiding lactose products as much as possible since I believe they have a direct effect in my acne. Things like almond or rice milk are not easy to get a hold on in Geneva. Anyhow, if I need to add some liquid, I'll add one cup of water.

And I try to go for organic ingredients whenever is possible.

I think I'm ready to start experimenting with different things like carrots and celery. 
I'll keep you posted on that.

For tons of great recipes go here.

Anyone wanting to try it? I challenge you!
if you do, come back and let me know.
Love me some green!


  1. Awesome! I love green drinks lol! I used to drink the green naked juice...yummm

  2. That tastes good? I don't know...

  3. Hi! Just stopping by from the FTF blog hop! New follower on your lovely blog, would love to have you stop by my blog sometime and follow back if you like. A friend of mine has been drinking these. I haven't tried them but i'm thinking about it since she said you can't even taste the spinach because it's so light and that it's more like a smoothie thats just green. haha!

    Melissa @ thisgirlslifeblog.com