Ich liebe...Oktober!!

I can´t believe we are already half way through October!! Time is going way too fast!!

I've been working a lot. Like ALWAYS.
And I've been exhausted. Like ALWAYS too.

But I'm actually liking October a lot.
For many things.

One. I've started my German course and so far so good...I'm quite excited!

Two. I'm loving deeper colors on my lips, specially berry colors...

Three. Octobre c'est le mois de l'amour pour nous. Our story didn't have an easy start (mostly because of me. Bad timming I would say) and one year ago, in October the Miracle happened <3

(When I smile too much I look like an old wrinkly lady)

Bonne semaine à toutes et à tous!


  1. Aw how cute! Happy Anniversary! My boyfriend I didn't have an easy start ha also thanks to me and bad timing! But that was so long ago now.

    I wish I could learn German, I could hardly learn Spanish!

    Nice to hear from you!

  2. happy anniversary :) I'm loving berry coloured lips too, best thing about this season! xx