I left you a comment...so now, follow me!

Hello, hello...

Long time no see! I know, I know...I'm completely out and at the same time I'm still here, because I try to read you as much as possible and I try to comment in your posts as much as possible. But I know I should be more IN or otherwise the existence of this blog would stop having a meaning to me that I write and to you that you read me.

And talking about reading and commenting, today I came across a post that defines exactly how sometimes I feel inside this blogging world. The post is part of the "Blogger Tips series" from Paige or Eloping Stethoscope but written by Kristina from The Streeters Unlimited.

You can read the blog post here but summing up Kristina talks about how she doesn't like comments of the type: "I left you a comment/I follow you...so now, follow me!"

Being 100% honest, I don't like it either and for various reasons. First, it makes me feel like the person doesn't care at all about me and getting to know me, my blog o whatever I have to say in it. That person only wants me to follow. Which leads me to my second point: I'm probably just a number more in her GFC. Third: I feel without even having checked the blog, "force" to follow. 

Don't get me wrong. I get how things work, I'm not complaining. I like to follow and be followed. This amazing system allows you to interact and meet awesome people with awesome blogs. But I want to read blogs that I like and interest me, because that way I will always come back and leave meaningful comments. The same way I'd like people to follow me because they like me and I interest them, so they came back and leave meaningful comments. Because what's the point of following something you don't like and you will never be checking again!!

You wouldn't like me to follow you so you follow me, the same way I don't like people to follow me so I follow them. And that's why I always end my comments with a smiley face =) and the link to my blog. Because I like to have the chance to choose freely and I like to give the same for other people. 

I think you get the idea...=)

Also talking about "no-reply bloggers" I think I fix that problem!!I now have a separate email only for the blog so I believe you can contact me at livingingeneva@gmail.com (I'm not quite sure if you can see it in my profile with all this google+ mess. I don't get use to it). But yeah, anything blog related (or not!) contact me there.

Last but not least and also blogging related I'm participating in this amazing project!!check it out, run, for a number of limited people!


  1. Great post! I definitely agree with you and other bloggers about this. I don't mind checking out other blogs to see if I want to keep up with a blog and actually want to follow them, but I don't like feeling forced :(
    If I like your posts, count me in for a follower! :D

  2. I agree. Of course, now I have the blog hop so at times I feel "Fake" Luckily, I have been lucky enough to get a lot of views/comments compared to other bloggers with more followers then me.

    It's hard to find the balance with the blog hop
    and at times i feel like quitting it, but I have put so much
    work into it.

    Well, I like your blog, and I like you! You are definitely someone I like to
    hear from (: