How many lip products you can carry in your purse?

When I was in Prague almost a month ago I realize that for not carrying major items in my purse, it seemed a bit full and heavy...until I realize that without doing it in purpose I had brought with me all these lipsticks.

Elf lipstick in Nicely nude
Catrice ULTIMATE Lip Glow One shade fits all
Essence lipstick in Coralize me!
Maxfactor Xperience Sheer Gloss Balm in Coral
Catrice SOFT LIP COLOUR in Salsa Cubana
Labello in Classic Care
Maybelline COLORSENSATIONAL Cream Gloss in Pink Petal
Natural Collection Juicy Lipy in Fondant

The funny part is that I ended up wearing bare lips almost every day while I was there... =D

And you? What's your make-up product obsession?
Is there something you stock way too much when your traveling?
And in daily basis?


  1. Oh my goodness...One time I emptied my purse & found 9 lipglosses!

  2. omg so many lip products! lol
    I think lip products is something I have a weakness for and I tend to wear bare lips more often haha

    1. I used to wear bare lips all the time but now I'm crazy for lip products!

  3. Haha that is so many! I carry a balm and something with color usually. Right now I am using maybellines baby lips and it has the best of both worlds!

    I think i carrying just one of something but I have a problem with keeping things where they go and it just ends up thrown in my purse 0_o

  4. Im really organised with what I carry in my bag now, but there's been times in the past that I've literally found about ten lip products and loads of other random things I didnt need haha. That lip glow looks interesting, I'm going to google it and find out more :) :) xx

  5. Since I am a lipstick lover, I usually have 3 lipsticks, 2 lip balms and 1 gloss. :)