Anniversary Dinner!

Yesterday (tuesday) was our first year annyversary...

It's seems like it's been forever and at the same time not that long since we started together.

We've been extra sweet with each other all month.
 Monday he cooked me a delicious dinner and yesterday was my turn.

Pinterest helped me to be a little bit creative...

     Source: foodgawker.com via Beatriz on Pinterest

And for the dessert...
Source: joythebaker.com via Jo on Pinterest


  1. Hola Beatrice! Loved you tips on cutting your own hair. Left you some GFC love and support via Followers to Friends Hop and am now your newest reader #101. Looking forward to your visit to mine.

    of PonderWonders at www.simplyymayra.com

  2. Happy Anniversary! That is so cute! And the food looks so good. I can't wait for Thanksgiving, lol completely irrelevant, but the food reminded me of it!

  3. Happy anniversary! The food looks delicious! I'm hungry right now...hehe

  4. Happy Anniversary!!! Goodness everything looks so amazingly yummy - I need to get my a$$ in the kitchen!!!