Mental breakdown Haul!


Two weeks ago I had one of those stress-mental-breakdowns-panic-attack kind of thing. Every once in a while since the new year started I have one. Normally it comes for no apparent reason and when I'm alone so I've kind of learn to deal with it on my own.

But hey, not everything is bad. It allowed me to spend a lot of time a home, which explains the amount of posts an interaction in the blog world from last week =)

Also it came at the same time that my new credit card...and what's one of the best remedies when you are feeling down and you are at the same time a beauty addict?


I went to "Manor", Swiss department store where you can find high-end products. As much as I love shopping, I tried to contain myself even when I found excuses to make it "therapeutic"...

If you want to see what I bought, keep on reading!!

I finally got in to the wagon of loving the Revlon Lip Butters. It took me some time because a) Revlon isn't sale in Spain anymore b) the first range of colors didn't impressed me much and c) the price is quite high in Geneva!

Price is around 20 FCH (or 16-17 euros in France) so compared to real price in USA I find it a bit abusive.

Nonetheless, I've read and heard so much about these "lipsticks" that a need for them was growing on me until I got them.

I have Raspberry Pie, Berry Smoothie and Sweet Tart. I find that these colors are very nice for fall and winter. Raspberry Pie it's perfect for a sophisticated night look. I'd describe Sweet Tart like the perfect bright-everyday-peachy-pink-color. It looks a bit brighter in my lips towards the fuchsia side of pinks but it's very easy to wear for me.  I hesitated the most about Berry Smoothie because I have similar colors already and I was afraid it would turn out too brown in my lips, but it's quite nice and subtle for everyday look.

I'm seriously becoming a lip product sucker and not yet happy with my Revlon goodies I found in a discount counter this lipstick from Catrice. I think it is from their September limited edition "Colors of the ocean". I have color CO2 Ocean Sunrise. It's seriously a perfect much to my lips, like a deeper version of them. The lighting I used when I took the picture makes it look more browny than it is, but it is a lovely deep neutral pink.

Also, the packaging is gorgeous!It was the last one so I could not say "NO".

I was needing a face wash and a concealer to cover up inconvenient breakouts so I picked this two:

- UNE Radiance Renew- Night & Day "3 IN 1" Foaming cleansing gel.  With 99,4 % of natural ingredients UNE claims that this is the only thing you need to cleanse, purifie and boost skin radiance.

- The new Essence  anti-spot Cover stick from the Pure Skin line. With Clearderm complex fights spots and blackheads without clogging pores and prevents new impurities.

I want to do a deeper review on the face gel once I use it a bit more but so far, so good! I'm liking both things a lot.

Well, this is it for today. I'm sorry for the lack of posts these days but seriously life is too busy and doesn't aloud me to post as much as I want. I'm most all the time too tired to be able to write and follow and comment other blogs or link ups etc...

I'll try to do my best to post mroe often because I really have many, many ideas and things too post about.

Hope you are all having a nice end of the week!!


  1. Love the purchases you made!
    I really like the texture of the Revlon lip butters, they're so pigmented but feel moisturizing. I wish they lasted longer, though. Great post! (:

  2. Great items! I haven't used my lip butter in a while and definitely think they're great during the fall and winter for some moisture :)
    I definitely know what you mean about being busy!
    Hope you had a nice weekend!

  3. Love the Revlon Lip Butters!! Also, very nice blog, I just found you through the blog hop! New subscriber! =)


  4. Great post and I'm glad the shopping helped you feel better! I haven't tried the lip butters, but I really want to, I think they'll be next on my shopping list!
    I'm a new follower from the blog hop and am loving your blog!
    Dani xx