My lip obsession: MUA INTENSE Glosses

One of the Make-up brands that I've been obsessed about is Make Up Academy, MUA.

And since I have accumulated quite a nice amount of products from this brand lately, what better excuse to get back to blogging after so long than letting the world know how amazing this brand is =D 

Today, I'm sharing with you one of my favourite lip products lately.

The MUA INTENSE KISSES High Intensity Gloss.
At only 2£ each you can not go wrong but does the quality of this product meet my expectations?

If you want to know more, keep on reading!

Let's start by saying I have 6 of the 8 colors available:

From left to right: Sealed with a kiss, Quick Kiss, Lips are Sealed, Stolen Kisses, Kiss and Make up and Smooch.

The 2 shades I don't own are: Sweet Nothings and Kiss and Tell, what it seems to be a pastel pink with slightly purple undertone and a vibrant red with pink undertones respectively.

I'm not a huge fun of pastel pinks but I might get myself a vibrant red in my next order!!

Anyways, going back to the shades I have there are 4 I really like and 2 others that while they aren't completely useless I don't enjoy as much for different reasons.

 Swatches in my arm. Top picture without flash, bottom one with flash.
From left to right: Sealed with a kiss, Quick Kiss, Lips are Sealed, Stolen Kisses, Kiss and Make up and Smooch.

These lipglosses swatch really nicely in my arm, but what about the lips?

Left without flash, right with flash.
Here we have 3 of my favourite ones, being the first 2 my most used at the moment. All of them would suit a wide range of different complexions. 

1st shade:  Sealed with a kiss, perfect nude beige/pink that doesn't wash you out. Love to use it on top of a wide variety range of light/medium pinks and corals all over or only in the center of the lip. Perfect for a smokey eye look.
2nd shade: Lips are sealed, medium barbie pink. Brighter than you would expect but very easy to wear at any occasion, day or night. Also, good on top of other shades of pink. It seems to have a slightly blue undertone. Intensity is gradable. 
3rd shade: Quick kiss, bright coral fuchsia/pink. Perfect for the warmer months. I haven't really use it that much yet. I would save it for simple eye make-up looks and the color intensity is also gradable depending on how much you apply.

Left without flash, right with flash.
1st shade: Stolen kisses, this is one of my favourites and I know it'll be a staple when the winter comes around again. I describe it as a burgundy red color with blue undertone metallic shimmer that it isn't really visible on the lips, tho you can see the blue undertone. I've used it a few times at night and it looks great.
2nd shade: Kiss and Make up, this is one of the shades I don't really reach for because it is a medium brown color (darker in real than what the picture shows), which isn't my cup of tee. It is a pretty shade tho  and I've used it a few times applied very lightly in the outer corners with Sealed with a kiss in the center. Also very lightly on top of a tea rose pink lipstick and it looks nice.
3rd shade: Smooch, this one is a "like/don't like" type of thing. Mainly because I expected a bright orange shade and it isn't. It's already very sheer in my arm and almost clear in my lips. It only gives shine and shimmer tho it's true the lips look kind of peachy. I do like it however on top of any coral/orange lipstick. It makes the lips really poop. Also with any color just to add dimension only in the center of the lips. 

Typical sponge applicator.

 What do I like about these glosses?
Price: 2£ only!
Creamy hydrating texture (you feel it there but it isn't sticky)
High pigmentation
Sweet light vanilla scent
Easy to apply
Average staying powder (brighter/darker colors stain a little bit the lips)
Easy to combind with other products
Some shades are good basics/staple shades.

What do I not like? (being a bit picky here...)
The label comes off easily
Names are too similar and confusing
I wish there were better swatches in the site.
More colors, please!!
Colors look better without flash... =)

The ones I like a lot have a 5/5 for me, even with the average staying powder, the other 2 shades get at 4/5 for Smooch and 3/5 for Kiss and Make up

And that's it for this huge review! 
I really hope you enjoy it!
You can buy MUA here
First picture credit from MUA website.


  1. Ooh great swatches! They look fabulous!

  2. I am so interested in trying MUA. I have no idea where I can get some.

    PS I love your youtube.com videos. I have been waiting for one!

    XO Lourdes