Wedge sneakers. Are still on trend?

I know, I know...everything is already been said about the famous Isabel Marant wedge sneakers and its hundreds of high street dupes.

I hope you are not thinking something like "oh no, not again" or "your late on that trend girl".

Some people hate them, some people love them. 
it doesn't seem to be a middle ground with them

In my case, I loved them from the beginning but I knew my sanity wasn't going to allow me to spend such amount of money in a pair of sneakers.
I've been in mission since then to find the perfect dupe for me.

They've been around in Spain for a while but for whatever reason in my short visits in the past year, I had not been able to find a pair that would please me in terms of design and price. 

Well...surprise, surprise!! Wedge sneakers seem to be in trend in Geneva since the beginning of 2013. Slowly I've been seeing them make their appearance in shops and in walking feet of what you would consider "fashionista" girls. 

Of course, after so much waitting I couldn't let it go. After going all over the city looking for my perfect match, I found this lovely pair at a shop called Le Halle aux Chaussures (the one in Meyrin, for those who live in the area) at around 50CHF.

I'll be honest. I thought they were expensive.
But I love them! I am super comfortable with them, I pair them with anything and I have actually gotten some compliments while wearing them. And no one seems to notice the wedge, which is great for a small girl like me!

Never been happier of Switzerland going behind in terms of trends!

I know this question is over done...but Are (were) you a lover or a hater?
Do you still wear them?


  1. Hi Bea! I like the wedge sneakers coming back, in fact here it's the brand "Esprit" who brought them back in their Spring collection but mostly in light shades. I love how they look with chinos trousers or boyfriend jeans. I got mine in dusty pink and grey. I think they look cool. And yep, in Switzerland you have to get used to trends arrive "only once it's been proved by the world that s a good thing" otherwise they never arrive ;)

  2. I love them! I bought a pair at the end of last year and only wore them a couple times, but definitely love them! :D