Madrid shoes Haul Pt 2!

Here is part 2 of my shoes haul from Madrid!

Most of them were bought by my mum for my birthday. The rest I bought it myself. Being from last seasons, I found them for really good deals and that's why we could by so many. Also, since Geneva is so expensive, if ever one my shoes brokes I don't really have the change to just get out there and by a new one...
So...here we go!

I'm crazy about this ones!!They actually look better in person. Perfect, perfect perfect for when winter is more harsh! So warm, so comfy...rain and snow friendly  too =)

I also needed a new pair of black simple heels. I don't know how they make the streets in Geneva, but whatever the material it makes heels go waisted so fast!

I also picked this pair of sneakers and I choose this ones because they have a bit of a "shoes-type of look". For running errands, casual days...

And last but not least!! Cute, cozy, house slippers!

Have you bought any pair of shoes recently? What's your favourite shoe for fall? Let me know in the comments down below!

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