Madrid Shoes Haul Pt 1!


I'm back in Geneva, but not for long!Probably when this post goes up I'll be enjoying Prague...I can't wait! =)

Now, talking about Madrid, one of the things that is worth buying is shoes! And between my mum and I, now I have a pretty big number of new shoes for the fall! I don't know if you woud like them or find them in-trend or not. To be honest against winter cold, I prefer to stay practical and warm. Also, if I got as many pairs it is because all were last seasons or my number was the last one in stock.
As soon as I got home I started taking pictures for this post!
Want to take a look?...

This shoes are really comfortable, warm and of such a good quality!I picked them up because I find that depending one the occasion, boots can look too informal.This ones are something in between. I would use this shoes for going to class or even for an interview! A few years back, you would have never seen me with something like this =) I really like the medium brown tone color.
I'm a quite strong-fast walker and as much as I adore heels, I've gotten used to move around in flats. Again, this boots are comfortable and really warm and I can pull them off with any jeans or pants or even an informal dress.
This ones have a different look. To me they look more flirty and a bit more dressed up. I find they go really well with leggins/jeggins and skirts/dresses. You can still use them on daily basis, but I think i rather reserve them for weekends or nights out, tho I don't know if they are too warm to be dancing in a club!
Here are one of my favourite ones! more delicate and not apt for rainy days. Also the fabric is a lot thinner. It looks like if the boots are flat but in fact there is a hidden wedge! I really like the detail at the top. (Can you believe I only pay 5 euros because the pair was last season? Who cares!)

Here it ends part one of my shoes haul...watch out for part two!

Have you bought any pair of shoes recently? What's your favourite shoe for fall? Let me know in the comments down below!

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