I want to be fashionista!

Today's post is about fashion. Like If I had a clue about it or about the meaning of fashion itself. Because we are always told what's IN and what's OUT every season and stores define their collections based on those patterns.

But what's fashion really?

I don't care much about what happens in the runaways to be honest but one of my favourite hobbies is to look at clothes online. There are many things I like and often I make a mental wish list of those things. I want them and I imagine myself wearing them and being so "well styled" (tellement élégant...).

Deep in my heart I know I want to be fashionista. I am somehow a fashionista. I'd want to be able to pull out this outfits...

Source: blanco.com via Beatriz on Pinterest
Source: blanco.com via Beatriz on Pinterest

Source: blanco.com via Beatriz on Pinteres

Well, here I have to recognize I'd actually paired the outfit with these other shoes from H&M...

Source: hm.com via Beatriz on Pinterest

I don´t think I have a defined style but I'd say I tend to go for practical and comfy. Maybe if in my late teens I had another budget or inspiration, now my style would be different. Even If I'm still practical I'm starting to be more exclusive now with what I buy. The thing for me is that at the end, it isn´t even a matter of budget but more of where would I go dressed like that according to my life style and the environment I am in.

And you? do you have a defined style?
Are you crazy about trends or you prefer doing your own thing?
What's fashion for you?

If you have done a fashion post lately leave it in the comments  so I make sure I'll check it out =)  


  1. Love this post,visiting from the Weekly Wednesday Blog Hop. I'm now following you maybe we can follow each other.


  2. Hi, happy to find another Geneva-based blogger :) I love fashion and trends, but in the end it's all about finding what works for you, having fun with clothes and having the courage to wear what you really like instead of thinking what others will think. It's good to remember that what looks good is also subjective so the most important thing is that you like it yourself :)

    Have a nice (and stylish ;)) weekend! xxx