Quick post today!

I can't believe I haven't done this post before.

I'm sure you all know Paige from Eloping Stethoscope and if you don't you definitely need to go and check her out. She is a very active person- in her daily life and the blogging community- I'll always see her participating in guest posts, group giveaways, link ups...so far she has always answer my comments, tweets etc...She is so energetic that it feels very refreshing to read her. Besides, her posts about nursing school remind me of a friend of mine that is a nurse and what she used to tell me when she was in nursing school =)

She also has a shop where she sales hand made jewelry (I've been eyeing some really cute pieces lately) and blog designs packages. In my particular case she designed for me a blog planner!!(check sample photos)

It has everything you could think off. As soon as I ordered it she contacted me to ask me more details and further information about what I wanted. I had no clue of what would be useful for me being at a really early stage of my blog but she oriented me and suggested what could be the best option. More than that, I had the planner waiting in my mail box the next morning!! Oh have I said that knowing that I was interested she tweeted me to let me know she had a sale going on and I got 20% off (If I remember right)!!

Extra points for efficiency and amazing customer treatment! 

If lifes gets busy, maybe a blog planner is all you are looking for...or anyhow, just check her out because she is great!


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