NAKED STYLE- How I style/take care of my hair

 So...I've been asked what do I use to style my hair and this is what I bring you today!!

I was introduce to this brand by my lovely British friend Eleanor (I don't know if she will ever read this, LOL) so when I went to London back in June I decided to give it a look and gave the brand a try. I bought quite a few products using the 3x2 offer they had at Boots but for the moment I'm using only two that I've incorporated to my hair styling routine.

Miracle worker (know called little miracle) lave-in conditioner- with shea butter and argan oil helps repair and protect dry hair against heat styling and breakage.They say staying in is the new going out but we think leaving in is better still. Our Miracle Worker is a superb silicone free leave-in conditioner to protect and repair hair that’s feeling a bit worn out, tackling dodgy dryness, frightful frizz and scary split ends. So you won’t need to try to take your hair to rehab.

Gorgeous curls curl taming cream- with botanical ingredients helps define and add lustre to curls.There are easier ways to achieve the perfect curls than eating burnt toast crusts. This cream helps keep curls beautifully defined yet touchably soft, whilst smoothing botanical extracts condition your locks and add lustre to their appearance. Here come the curls ...

What they claim!!
Do it Naked style - our silicone-free formulations allow product junkies the freedom to style hair without synthetic product build up, which can damage the hair causing weakness and loss of natural sheen. Free from petrochemicals, sulphates and Phthalates. Vegetarian and vegan friendly. Tube is fully recyclable. We donut believe in testing our ingridients on Bambi, Lassie or Skippy. (More info: here)

How I use them!!
After the shower, I put my hair up in a cotton turban towel and let it sit like that the longer I can so it starts to dry (NO Rubbing since it can cause damage). This way my hair naturally drys without loosing hydration- if that makes sense. Then, with my hands slightly wet, I'll take an almond size of the miracle worker with a pea size of the taming cream. Rub and mix both products with my hands and evenly distribute all over my hair doing up and down motions to help the hair curl better. 

And Voilà!!! 

Sometimes I re-applied between washes repeating the same steps only using less quantity. The miracle worker definitely works!! My hair is less dry and I barely have split ends. The taming cream is more sticky and gives you lots of hold with less hydration- that's why I use less! Have I said that both smell delicious?? because the smell really, really good!!

Downside (huge one) it's only sold in the UK...

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