MUA eye shadow palettes REVIEW

Today's post is a review on the two MUA palettes I ordered a few weeks ago.
MUA package here and MUA blush review here.

MUA's eye shadows  are one of their stand out products and their 12 eyeshadow palettes at only 4£ are far away from disappointment.

Packaging is simple but quite decent. Sorry I didn't make a photo where I could saw you the size but to give you an idea the palette is slightly wider than the original naked palette and 3/4 of its lenght. 
So, not too big but that makes them travel friendly and easy to carry on your make-up bag or purse.

The eye shadows are soft, creamy, blending is super easy, not chalky (at least with mine I don't have fall outs when I apply them) and incredibly pigmented!!

Like seriously? what else can you ask for 4£?

The palette I knew I was going to get for sure is the UNDRESSED palette which is known for being an "almost" exact (not to say exact) dupe for the original NAKED palette from Urban Decay.
I already own the NAKED palette so why did I "need" the UNDRESSED palette?
Well, this is a beautiful palette on its own and if the NAKED palette didn't exist I would go for this one all the way anyhow because it's very versatile with a perfect combination of neutrals and easy to wear deeper colors perfect for Monday morning to Saturday night. There is not a single color I wouldn't wear.
It's even easier to transport than the NAKED and if I loose it or I break it, it isn't that big of a deal. And same if I hit pan on it.
Most important: 4£ !!

Here you have swatches of both palettes. Can you guess which one is which?
Could you really?  =)
Maybe we could be picky about it and in 2 or 3 of the shades find very tiny differences in tone, but who is going to notice it when you have them on?
NOTE: when doing the swatches I had more fall out from the NAKED than from UNDRESSED. I've observed the same while doing my make-up and use the same technique and brushes with both...so extra-points for MUA.

TOP PIC: top road (Virgin, Sin, Naked, Sidecar, Buck, Half Naked) Vs bottom road (1st road UNDRESSED)
BOTTOM PIC: top road (Smog, Dark horse, Toasted, Hustle, Creep, Gun metal) Vs bottom road (2nd road UNDRESSED)
Did you guessed right?? =)

When I saw the reviews on the Heaven and Earth palette I just couldn't help myself.
All shades have a metallic or shimmery metallic finish and go from beige to dark brown

There is a little bit of overlap between shades but I love neutrals so I don't mind having similar colors.

Last but not least...I got an extra UNDRESSED Palette that I would be giving away soon, so watch out for that!

what do you think of this palettes?
Hope you are all having an awesome weekend!