Going all natural SKINCARE: toning

This is part two in my "Going all natural SKINCARE" series where I tell you everything I'm doing to try to accomplish a better skincare while avoiding chemicals as much as possible.

When it comes to toners I have to recognize I've never found them useful. Simply, it never worked for me so it isn't an item I would run to the store to buy.

Now, when I read this post about Apple Cider Vinager (ACV) toner being almost a miracle I had to give it a go. Also, it is very simple to make so why not?

Long story short ACV has antibacterial and antiseptic properties and it balances the pH of the skin. While it hasn't been a miracle to me and my skin still gets upset with me sometimes and I can't figure out the reason, it has done some good for me.

It helps clearing up active acne and prevents new break outs. It takes more time to act on cystic acne but I think it helps too. It definately helps fading scares and control the oil.
And I'm not quite sure about this but I think it helps to give the skin a glowy look, which I like.

So that's it!! have you ever tried using ACV?
Do you have a holy grail toner?
Let me know!


  1. I've never tried ACV as a toner. Is it drying?

  2. What a great idea for toner!! If you have time, we'd love to have you come and link up to the Aloha Friday Blog Hop if you haven't already! (Thank you so very much if you've already linked up, I truly appreciate it!!) I'm following you BTW :)

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  3. I need to try this bea! I hate breaking out around that time of the month, it's so annoying! I stopped using my Clinique toner, simply because I was lazy with it, but when I did use it i liked it.