Small haul from Prague

Last week I was In Prague to get away for a few days and have some short but yet lovely and well deserved vacations with "mon petit copain"

I have to select between the 100s of pictures we took some to put up in a post, but for the moment here are pictures of the very few items I bought.


1. Souvenirs from Prague-decorative purposes for our little studio <3

2. Winter coat
I've been looking for a good but not too expensive winter coat for a while now. When I got to Geneva 2 years ago we reached -10/-12ºC in winter and we had the biggest snow fall in the last 25 years (or something like that). Last winter we reached -14ºC with an actual thermal sensation of almost -20ºC. To this add the humidity of the lake...so if this pattern continues I might not survive this winter!!

But for the moment, I think I'll survive with this coat (+ as many coats underneath as possible). I think I payed around 120 FCH/95 euros, which I think is pretty good deal for what I got.

I really, really like it. It's warm but still versatile enough as to wear it to university or on a night out. It might look black in the pictures but it is actually a deep navy blue that Deni loves very much. It has a big neck that you can left open and gives it a really nice look or you can close up all the way. It has an extra synthetic fur neck that you can put it in or take it out (last picture in the bottom road) and adds warmth to the coat. I like the fact that the zipper is on the side the coat kind of wraps around your body =)

3. Small beauty haul
I didn´t want to spend too much and anyways I didn´t find anything interesting besides this.
- Maybelline mono eye shadow in 412 Lagoon Bleu. I'm obsessed with dark teal/turquoise colors. I like to do a neutral eye and then line the eyes with teal for a pop of color.
- Maybelline color sensational cream gloss in 140 pink petal. I love this type of wearable pink/peach/slightly coral everyday and for everyone color.
- Maybelline Dream Fresh BB cream in Medium. I have used it only two times and I like it but I don't at the same time. It feels light but I have to apply a thicker coat than with my Garnier BB cream (here) and it covers still slightly less. It stays matte for a shorter period of time compare to the BB cream from Garnier, but it doesn´t look like greasy oil. So I haven´t made up my mind yet.

And that's all for today!

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  1. I would never survive in such a cold climate! I love to wear my flip-flops year round, and even so, I don't get to for a few months a year. ;)

    I love the scenic photos. Prague looks like a beautiful place!

    Found you from the blog hop.

    Newest follower!


  2. Hope you had a good time in Prague, lucky you :) :) Your coat looks lovely and warm, perfect for winter x


  3. New follower from the blog hop :) Looks like some great items you got!!