Madrid, normally means "shopping". So expect upcoming hauls posts!

Shoes and clothes would have to wait. All my shoes are already packed and I did pictures of the clothes already but for some reason the colors don't stay true in the pictures. I think it might be the background of my room because I've tried with natural light, artificial light, flash, no flash...

So as a start I would talk about beauty related products.

If you ever come to Spain, make sure you check supermarkets "Mercadona". Mercadona is an important chain of supermarkets that enhances the presence of their own brands, maintaining a minimum of external brands. Talking about beauty or toiletries type of products, the line you have to keep in mine is "Deliplús".

Delplús has a wide range of products that cover hair care, skin care, body care, make-up, accessories, perfumes...all with amazing economical prizes!!

Ask any Spanish girl if she likes something from Deliplús and probably she would list you quite a few things!

Normally I like to stock body and hair care products, but this time I decided to grab just some basic things I needed...

Like a hair clip, also I wanted to try a stick against shoe blisters which actually works! also my favourite coconut perfume (I use this on daily basis and it isn´t your typical coconut smell. After a few hours it smells like  cupcake right out of the avon!), my favourite deodorant in roll-on (0% alcohol with a floral girly perfume, that stays all day), my favourite face spray...This face spray with high content in oat is perfect for tonifying, refreshing your skin as well as make up settler and refresher. It is formulated without parabens and alcohol and it is hypoallergenic. It does the work and feels amazing in the skin. To me it works better than the Aqua Thermal Spray. I also wanted to try their new line of make-up brushes made of synthetic hair and I have to say I'm really impressed with them. The powder brush is really soft and perfect for loose powder. The blush brush is becoming my favourite- it is really thick, packed with lots of hair and flat which makes it good for contouring and applying blush. The last thing I got is one of my favourite make-up items of all time: a highlighting and brow definer eye pencil. This is the perfect dupe of Benefit's high brow eye pencil. I don´t really use the brow filler end since my brows are thick by nature and it is a bit hard to work with but nothing you couldn't really use. The star is the other side: a white pinkish tone that brights up the inner corner of your eye, under your brow or in my case how I prefer to use, to line my water line to open up my eyes and make them more awake!! 
I haven´t finish the one I'm already using =) this one I got it for a future give away!!

I also went a little bit of "tee crazy" and bought a bunch of tees with cool flavours! Green tee with soja, Cinnamon tee, Vanille and caramel...

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