My breakfast routine!

I've always been a person of coffee and cereals in the morning. In fact, I used to eat probably the most weird breakfast combination: a big bowl of milk with coffee and cereals. Like that, all mixed together since I didn't have time to take cereals and coffee separately. 

The thing is that in the last year I've been trying to cut off milk and milk products as much as possible out of my diet (I should probably make a separate post about this) and cereals don't really keep me full and going until lunch anyways. About coffee, I still take it sometimes but not anymore in daily basis. I stopped one day and lost the habit and now I don't really feel the need of coffee to start my day anymore. 

So here is my new breakfast routine =)

- 2 toasts of "pain complet"+ 1 banana (or any other fruit) + some kind of green tea (sometimes a mix two types together).

Deni thinks I should add one boiled egg but it feels like too much for me to take one egg every day...

So yeah! I don't know if it is healthy or equilibrated enough but for the moment it works for me as it really keeps me full all morning.

Are you a breakfast person?
 or on the contrary you prefer to start your day with an empty stomach?
What's your favourite healthy on the go breakfast?


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  2. Ooh, yummy! I'm hungry now.. Sometimes I forget to eat breakfast since I wake up kind of late and my appetite is gone.