Saturday Day Date with Deni!!=)

Salut les amies!!

It doesn´t happen very often that my boyfriend and I have the chance to spend some quality time together. I mean, we live together (Thanks God!) and we see each other mostly every day but we both work a lot- normally with opposite shifts- and every once in a while he goes back home at Fribourg (1h 1/2 away) to see his family for a few days. If not there is always something else to do: me with my thesis, him with his studies or simply when we finally have a day off either of us if not both, feels to tired to do really anything.

Luckily for us every once in a while we have the chance to breath and let go ourselves a little bit. This Saturday we went out for lunch down town and had a banana split next to the Lac Léman (Geneva Lake) at the Jardin Anglais.

The weather was glorious
so we decided to take one of this 1h cruises for tourists around the lake, chill back and enjoy the view and some fresh air.

Outfit: I was wearing a flowy girly dress that I bought in Primark (London) back in June shorter at the front and longer at the back, paired with a coral/pink belt and a light beige purse also from Primark. For my details on my sandals go here. My sunglasses are from H&M, my hair was up in a donut type of bun to avoid the heat and my make up was very simple and neutral. I tried to take some pictures of my look but I couldn´t make it work (ANY ADVICE ON HOW TO TAKE MAKE UP LOOK PHOTOS?) but I'm using Sin over the lead, Naked in the creased and Hustle to line my eyes all of them from the original Naked palette from Urban Decay. My foundation is a mixture of the BB cream from Garnier for Oily Skin  in the center of my face (review here) and the Photo Finish foundation from Catrice in the outer part to create a contouring effect.

My boyfriend, Deni, said I was looking like a princess...=) and somehow I wanted to look and feel like that. I gave myself the joy of doing a more elaborate make up than usual, which I haven´t done in a while. Also I wanted to dress up a bit and get out of the vicious circle of pyjama, uniform, whatever, pyjama, whatever, uniform...

Besides the dress was light and comfortable and it actually caught many eyes!!

We took this photos from the boat. Sorry the quality is not great, but if you take a closer look at the top photo, the montain at the end with snow on is the mountain Mont Blanc.

- Mont Blanc mountain: is the highest mountain in the Alps and Western Europe with 4,800m aprox. depending on the depth of the snow's lawyer, located at the border between France and Italy

- Lac Léman: Surface area of 58km2, max. lenght of 75km, max. width of 14km, average depth of 154km and max depth of 310km.

Hope you are all having an awesome Monday!!


  1. Ah that is such a nice place! Cute dress! I love it!
    We just wanted to let you know that we nominated you for The Liebster Award on our blog
    Sabrina & Geneviève

  2. Yay!! Dates are so fun! Found you from the blog hop! Hope you have a great rest of the week!

  3. You look so gorgeous! I am glad you got to spend time with him I know the every day life stresses can keep yall apart, but then you two can have fun when you finally get the chance.

    The dress looks so pretty I wish we had Primark here!

    I haven't had a banana split in too long!