My favourite concealers!


In today's post I'll talk about my two favourite concealers (both are from the drugstore!!!)

Probably you all know Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation. It's one of Bourjois best-selling foundations and I've heard so much raving about it that this one would be at the top of my list if I ever my skin decides to be towards the dry side of things. This winter I went to a "dry eye area" phase and not being brave enough to try the foundation, I thought this concealer could work well for me since it is moisturizing- good for my dry area problem- and oil-free anyways so it wouldn´t brake me out (none of the healthy mix foundations are oil free). 

This is what they say:
Bourjois’ new Healthy Mix fruit-therapy correcting concealer smoothes away dark circles and imperfections for a visibly rested and radiant look.

    • Apricot > radiance
    • Raspberry > micro-circulation
    • Melon > hydration
Its exquisite glide-on formula blends onto the skin for a natural result, with no marks. Available in 3 natural anti-dull complexion shades, to reboost the complexion's radiance.
And...it's good for the skin: Moisturising, lets skin breathe, oil-free formula, dermatologically tested.
I have color 52 medium radiance. It's a neutral tone that covers and brightens the area very nicely. It doesn´t smudge on me and the staying powder it's pretty good, plus used on regular bases makes the skin under my eyes feel softer!!
My other favourite concealer is Maybelline Pure Cover Mineral concealer. I've been using this for years and I've gone through so many bottles of this and always come back for more. I've seen it being compared with MAC's Mineralize Concealer and even MAC's Moisture Cover (I have not try those so I can´t tell).
Maybelline Pure Cover Mineral Concealer brings the benefits of micro-minerals to a concealer. It uses a perfecting, beautifully blendable mineral enriched formula that produces a natural-looking result, as micro-mineral pigments blend with skin tone for a natural-looking finish, perfect to help cover under eye shadows. The lightweight formula helps cover imperfections rather than accentuate them, so the whole face has a gorgeous, healthy-looking finish. 
I absolutely love this stuff. I have the color 02 Natural which is a bit pale for me but still something I can work with. I'm not quite sure if it is oil-free but I haven´t had any issues in that matter. It brights up my eye area without drying and covers flawlessly redness and acne. Multipurpose and easy to blend!! You can't go wrong with this.

Have you tried them? Let me know in the comments which one is your favourite concealer or one I should to try!!!
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  1. Hello! Wonderful blog and great post, I am totally in the market for new concealer !!

    Now following :) Take a look at my blog and follow back if you like! ( I live in Switzerland too!)


  2. Hi Bea!

    Thanks for your kind words with regard to my blog =) I have never seen the Maybelline concealer before! Has it been discontinued now?


    1. I'm not quite sure...it might!i'm able to find it every once in a while at a discount prizes so i'm not sure :S