Monoi OIL!!


I finally I got around to do this post. I discovered this product at the beginning of the summer and since then I can not leave without!!if you are familiar with Coconut Oil then you might find this product interesting. 

Monoi Oil or Monoi de Tahití stands for "scented oil". The best known source of monoi today is that produced in Tahití (French Polynesia) made still at the traditional manner from pressed coconut oil macerated with the flowers of the native gardenia, known in locally as Tiaré. 

the coconuts from the cocos nucifera species 
and the buds of the Gardenia Tahitensis 
“Tiare” blossoms are used in the preparation 
of Monoï de Tahiti. A m


of 10 flowers
are soaked for 
at least 10 days 
in one liter of 
coconut oil. It's an amber colored oil liquid that solidifies below 25ºC.

Tahiti has always been part of the Polynesian culture, 

whether in traditional rites, in remedies, or as a beauty care 
ingredient for body and hair. 
Several Components of Monoï de Tahiti are also used in the 
traditional medicine of the Polynesian islands. The Tiare blossoms, for 
example, are used to cure earaches, certain types of eczema, or simply to 
prevent insect bites. Today, Tahitian women are still using Monoï de Tahiti as a 
skin moisturizer, a hair protection, and as a daily care product. It's a veritable beauty 
secret passed on from generation to generation.

Its status as a natural and unadulterated product was enormously enhanced when the French government fave it the official stamp of "Appellation d'Origine", as a guarantee of authenticity and quality, raising monoi to the level of wine.

It's innumerable properties have been tested and proven in vivo: Skin and eye tolerance, hypoallergenic and hypersensitivity properties, photosensatizing potential to protect the skin against the sun (improves your tan) and external aggressions. Protects, regenerates and enhances the quality of the hair fiber, progressive and long lasting skin moisturization. Tiaré tahití flowers present soothings and purifying active ingredients and mono oil has been proven to have emollient properties. With its delicate fragrance, mono oil is thought to nourish and stimulate your soul and senses. 

In my case I use it as body moisturizer, all over body scent because it smells AMAZING, deep nourishing over night treatment for my hair, hair ends treatment between washes, massage oil, mix a tiny drop with my leave in/styling conditioner for more textured curls...

It's Coconut oil upgrade to the next level!!if you don´t like coconut oil smell, then you should give this one a try. The one I use it's from a brand called Corine de Farme, but I know there is another brand called Soleil des iles. Both of them have many different products for body and sun skin care. I believe also Yves Rocher has a monoi Oil line. 

*(I haven´t used Coconut Oil since it is not easy to get in Europe, at leaast I haven´t found it, so I can´t say which one would be more effective...)

Photo source: Google finds; Information: monoi-institute.org


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