Narciso Rodriguez: L'eau for her

I want to start my series of perfume reviews with one that means a lot to met. This is the perfect example of how you can't let your firsts impressions lead you and how important is to keep an open mind when it comes to the mystery delicate perfume world- or anything in your life for that matter. Allow me to tell you the little story of how I went from not standing this brand- and I'm being nice here- to completely fall in love of L'eau for her. 

Until I started working in the industry, this line was completely unknown to me. How could that be? I'm not quite sure. Narciso Rodriguez 's fragrances are a symbol of delicacy and femininity, but could be the packaging or the "Floral musky chypre" description that made it a big "NO" for me. One of my colleagues recommended NR to me. She said she could see me wearing it very nicely and even making it my signature fragrance. Being a girl of all fruit and sweetness, I was unable to bare the combination of floral and masculine musk on the drydown. Two months of almost daily testing allow me to go pass the muskiness and I started appreciating the sensuality of its notes. I grew fond of the Eau de parfum and the Eau de toilette. But it is L'eau for her that completely stole my heart. 

The composition of the L'eau for her consists of jasmine, cyclamen and sparkling pink peony, with rose, amber and frozen lily of the valley that form a silky veil. The base includes musk and chypre accords of patchouli, immanent to the For Her collection of fragrances.

When I first spray it, I can imagine something watery and cold- the frozen lily of the valley- and pure and creamy. If creamy texture had a scent, this would be. The rest of the flower notes are so nicely blend it's hard to separate them, but there is definitely some Jasmin and rose in the mix. It isn't your typical overpowering flowery garden scent. Last you get a touch of the musk and the more woody notes in a more bearable way than the original EDP and EDT. The hint of amber adds something ever so slightly sweet to the mixture that I enjoy very much. It falls in the skin like a delicate veil leaving a lovely powdery skin scent that lasts nonetheless. There is something different about this floral scent that I haven't found in other fragrances. It's feminine, sensual, creamy, powdery, enveloping, playful, modern and elegant. I find it quite versatile as you could use it for a work day in the city or a special occasion like a date or even your wedding day. If I were to get marry right now this one would be at the top of my posible fragrances list. 

In other words, if your nose appreciates it, this scent it is simply perfection in a bottle. 

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