Loverdose Tatto by Diesel review

I was shopping this morning for some hair dye (more on that on the next post) when I had a quick sniff on the new- at least new where I live- Loverdose Tatto by Diesel and loved it. I don't like the original loverdose or any of Diesel's fragrances for that matter- sorry, just being honest!- so I found this one to be a nice change.

Loverdose Tatto is right up my alley and will please any sweet fruity scents lovers out there. I will have to smell it again to be able to define the different ingredients but I was surprised to find that it is complex and slightly exotic in composition. With Top notes of bergamot, mandarin orange and cassis; middle notes of rose, orange blossom and jasmine sambac; base notes are tonka bean, rice, vanilla and milk.

And why the surprise? I define this perfume as a fruity sweet scent and that's simply what it is. Nothing special or unique, mostly your typical vanilla based perfume. I wasn't able to feel any of the top notes and yet I remember smelling something fresh and less overpowering for a few seconds before leading to the creamy and powdery base notes. I know that tonka bean and rose go well together so I suppose there is something of that in the mix contributing to the nice smell but I could not pick up the jazmin and the orange blossom and I am pretty familiar with those.

Two sprays in the back of my hands where enough for the scent to go strong for a few hours. If you don't want to disturb those around you I would recommend to use it with caution ( *wink* got that?=)...
Why posting about it? because it might not be unique but it is a pretty nice scent. It does remind me to another fragrance. Out of the top of my head I thought of Britney Spears Fantasy but they are different when compare next to each other. 

 If you are not a fun of the original Loverdose and you like sweet scents you might want to give this a try. On the contrary if you love any of Diesel's perfumes probably you will find Tatto disappointing. 

Have you sniff this? what do you think?

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