Monday quotes

Source: piccsy.com via Beatriz on Pinterest

I relate to both of these quotes, tho I'm not quite sure if they actually complement or contradict each other...What do you think?

On a side note I'm extremely happy with my little blog lately.
Thank you very much to the new readers and all those who comment!!
I'm thrilled because there is more much interaction between us =)
And is good to know that so many people go around without watch,
that I'm not the only one with a sleeping disorder
and that what I called "ear warmers" is actually called "earmuffs"
(You will never go to sleep without learning something new)

And you know what would be even more exciting?
if we could start the "advertising" in my blog going.
I'm advertising myself in bigger blogs and I will continue to do so in the new year to come,
and that means good news to you if you decide to advertise with me.
Prizes are quite reasonable, so please check it out.
You would make me a happy girl!!


  1. Wow! Well said Taylor Swift, well said.

  2. I agree with the second one for sure. We have to fail to succeed - I look at failing as life experiences that lead you closer to success :)

    Love your bubbly personality and can't wait to read more like always.

    Oh, before I forget, my giveaway ends in a few days (Wednesday) - enter because it's super easy to:

    Cathy Trails

    Revlon Just Bitten Giveaway

    have a great week!

  3. agree with taylor swift i don't want to do something that includes falling or breaking especially when it comes to love!

  4. Love the Taylor Swift quote. I get like that about my blog sometimes too, but give it time and you will find your audience.

  5. Aw I like both of these quotes :D

  6. Hey! Stepping by from a blog hop! And quote pictures pretty much mean instant follow! :)
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  7. i love that first quote by taylor swift :)

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    Katie from the simple lane