How I keep my hair healthy! Tips to healthy hair...


So today I will talk about what I do to keep my hair long and healthy...and by the end of this post you will be asking yourself what it is the magic trick!!
But guess what? There is no magic trick at all =) I just follow some simple and basic rules and my hair seems to respond nicely to them. Like always, EVERYONE is different!This is what works for me... 

1- Water
In the inside, not the outside. If you wash your hair everyday you are stripping the natural oils produced in your scalp and your hair will be become more dry and prone to breaking and falling. Of course this doesn´t relate to everyone. 
- If your hair is really oily then you should wash it as often as need it with the appropriate shampoo (gentle!!) and conditioner since too much oil in the roots can cause hair fall.
- Curly hair has to be washed less often than straight hair since it takes more time for the oils in the scalp to get to the ends and from nature tends to be already dry.
- I find it's better to wash the hair in the morning, but this is totally a personal preference. Like this I can do deep treatments during the night, I don´t go to bed with my hair wet- which is not very recommendable- and I start my days with completely clean a nice smelling hair!(the days I washed it I mean).

In my personal case, since my teens I have always washed my hair every other day because it was really oily. When I first came to Geneva, my hair went to different faces due to the change of water until it turned out to be like it is right now. This is a true fact and so many of my friends agree with me. At first your hair gets really, really oily to the point of having to washed it more often than normal. Then your scalp starts drying out-even if the hair is still oily- and producing dandruff. At the end your hair is dry from scalp to ends. Awesome, eh? Since then I washed my hair every 3 or 4 days. Surprisingly, I get more compliments about my curls when my hair is in its 2nd or 3rd day...

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2- Products (I'll talk deeply about the ones I use in future posts!)
Here many people that might not agree with me BUT, I find my hair works best when I use shampoos for normal hair and then I paired them with a really deep conditioner/masks for when I washed my hair, serum in between washes and deep night treatments for the night before I washed my hair. About silicons, organic, natural ingredients, sulphate free...everyone knows what their hair loves most so I'm not going to say "you absolutely have to use this product that is so natural that doesn´t even have shampoo in it!!". I've used natural shampoos and the result has been awful. Normal, gentle plain shampoo that would get your hair clean and shiny. That's really all you need. 

Here is my why...
- At some point in time in my "oily hair" period I realize that most drugstore shampoos for oily hair didn´t really leave my hair that clean or helped me to washed it less often. Au contraire, my hair was still oily and drying out. So if I had to wash my hair every two days and the clean effect didn´t last that long I could just use whatever shampoo for normal hair and see what happened. Bon, Voilà!! With time my hair turn out to be not as greasy, more shiny and hydrated.
- Now that my scalp is more normal and my hair is quite dry at times, I still use a shampoo for normal hair for the simple reason that anything for dry hair would make my hair get dirty before, forcing me to washed it more often and not necessarily making it more beautiful (I have tried and no, it doesn´t work). 

3- Embracing your natural hair.
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Women never seem to be happy with what they have. The one with straight hair wants to curl it and the one with curly hair wants to straight it. However in the pathway to healthy looking hair a good place to start is by working with what you already have by nature and trying to improve it. By doing so you probably will find out that your natural hair is probably really beautiful on its own!

My whole life I've been straighting my hair no matter how long it took me because my hair didn´t have any natural shape (or that I thought). Even if I always tried to protected, I had a lot of split ends- even if my hair wasn´t that long- and probably that was one of the reasons why it was so oily too. I had to dedicate a long time to get a shiny straight result and at the same time it was hard to maintain the volume. If it was windy or there was some humidity in the air my hair turned flat and frizzy!! Opposite to what happens to really curly hair, wavy/curly hair like mine improves with its length. Length gives at the hair the space to curl and form the wave (if that makes sense). I realized that mi hair looks better and actually it goes better with my face structure when its long if I leave in its natural state.

4- Hot tools and brushing.
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As long as your hair is healthy and you protect it, you can use any tools you want without abusing. When it comes to brushing, the less the better. When not done properly, brushing can actually cause more damage than good. 

I only brush my hair in the shower with a large tooth comb when I have already applied the deep treatment on. When I use to straighten my hair, I used a big paddle brush but it still felt like there was a lot of breakage at the ends. I barely used hot tools anymore, but if I ever use them it's to do touch ups here and there.

4- Diet and Vitamins
A healthy lifestyle will always translate to your physical appearance. I try to eat healthy as much as I can but I don´t always succeed. When it comes to vitamins, when I was in the process of growing out my hair I used to take vitamins complex rich in in Mg2+, Vit E and B combined with something called "levure de bière" (brewer's yeast). Brewer's yeast is particularly rich in protein and essential amino acids, it represents one of the best sources of vegetable protein. It also contains minerals (particularly calcium, magnesium, iron, copper, phosphorus and potassium) and it's extremely rich in vitamins from the B group.

I started seeing results after one month and a half or two and definitely seeing a difference after 3 months. All this vitamins are also good for nails and your skin so your general complexion improves.

5- Trimming your hair
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If you want healthy hair, trim your hair often even if your trying to grow it out. When your hair becomes split at the ends, the damage, which starts at the cuticle, will move up your hair until the whole strand is completely damaged. You can prevent this by cutting the split ends before the rest of your hair is affected. Trimming also contributes to maintaining hair volume and shape.

When I was growing my hair out, I used to cut my hair almost every month around 1 cm. It might seem like a lot but actually my hair grows more when it has been freshly cut. Now, that it is more or less the length I want and I don´t use hot tools my hair is really healthy, so I cut it every two months.

Well...this is all there is about how I keep my hair healthy looking and long. There are no miracles. But if you follow a few basic things and you are patient your hair would be very healthy.

Take home msg: Give your hair what he needs and it will become what you want it to be!  =D

Hope you liked it! (I need to learn how to do shorter posts...=P)


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  2. Great tips here! I think a lot of people aren't aware that daily washing is bad for your hair. I really like your blog!

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  3. Great tips! By the way have you tried coconut oil for hair? It's great :)

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  4. I just moved to Geneva and am going through those hair stages - glad to know I'm not alone and that it normalizes!

  5. I just moved to Geneva and am suffering through those hair stages after years of never having trouble with my hair. Glad to know I'm not alone!