Fashion post!


Sorry for missing my "tweet of the week" yesterday and my regular Monday post today. I've sleeping 5 hours a day the last 3 days. I'm completely exhausted.

Since I don´t have a tweet to show you anyways, What about a little fashion? I'm eyeing lots of sites recently over the internet since I'll be going back home (Madrid) for a week in September and I want to get some shopping done...besides it's my birthday, so I'm planning on spoiling myself a little bit =)

Source: blanco.com via Beatriz on Pinterest

Source: blanco.com via Beatriz on Pinterest

Source: blanco.com via Beatriz on Pinterest

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  1. VERY classy outfit! i love the dress and the clutch.

  2. Pinterest is such a great site. I am liking the outfit. That little turtle ring is so cute. New follower here from the Like a Role Model blog hop.

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