Blogger App Frustration + too many hours of work this week

I broke my posting dynamic of a post every day and a half or two days.

Reason: I'm doing too many extra hours at work this week. Plus, it's been too warm and I haven't been sleeping much. I don't even have the weekend off.

So it's adding up.

I don't know if you remember, but in "What's on my Xperia" (here) post I mentioned the app from Blogger for Android. Let me tell you...
this app is pure crap. 

Since I pass more time outside my house than at home I thought I could really use this app to keep up with the blogging. First thing that bothered me was that it uploads pictures with really bad quality and it is not easy to place them correctly. 

But, I said: "Ok, I can deal with pictures at home"

Secondly, the app is HTLM code- actually I don't know if this should be my first complain of the list- and it would be alright if it wasn't because at then end it turns out to be a pain to deal with it in a screen cell phone.

But again I thought: "Ok, I don't need to deal with text format in my phone. I'll make posts pretty from my computer".

Because at the end, what it matters its the content of the post, right? And there is where I put 80% of my effort. It can be a lot of work and it takes time.

So I said: FINE!!!I will simply write as much as I can when I'm in the bus or at my lunch break...

But haha (sorry for laghing- I'm quite tired right now) how wrong I was with that. And you know, after a long night with not much sleep and 8 hour shifft with crazy, mad, mean, unpolite customers, you almost get sick in the bus while creating what you think it's a great post and then you get home log in to blogger and...Voilà!!your draft is not there. 

And this has happened a few times already
Why? I'm still wondering.

so NO WORDS to explain how I feel about it.

I know it isn't the end of the world. Blog has to be fun, not something you stress about. If I can't blog, I can't blog. Period.

I do, however, really care about this blog. I never thought I could do it. And here I am, one month after I started, more excited than before and with lots of ideas in my head. It's a continous brainstorming. This is great, if only i could put it down into posts...

I need time. 
To do posts. With things I want to review, to tell you, to show you...
Time to do my blog buttons, to sponsor, to change my layout (which is starting to really bother me by the way).
To get my own personalize blog.
I need time.

I'm even thinking about asking someone to do part of that for me. But I don't know if I want to spend (or can) that amount of money right now. It always feels great to do something for yourself and I want to learn anyways. (Have I said that my photoshop has crashed down? hahaha this is my lucky week)

Worst part of all this? I keep leaving aside what it should my more important to me right now...MY THESIS.

Ok, enough of this for today!I think I just needed to put it out there in case someone is reading and listening...

I'm open to any suggestions about the blogger app (which I might be using in the wrong way), blogging in general, blog layouts...or just a smile face! =)

Love xo

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  1. I agree, I used the app when it started or whatever, and it sucks! The HORRIBLE picture quality. It takes like double the effort. I have a small net book that I can keep in my purse and blog on the go but it is no where near as easy as a laptop!

    I am not as busy as I was before, but I am gonna start getting busier. On down days, I try to do as much as possible even if I leave it in draft or do a scheduled post, since I don't have my boyfriend with me, I don't go out and see him, so that gives me time do stuff as well.

    Blogging should be fun, not like a chore, or homework! I know it feels like you have neglected or abandoned it, but you can come back! I will be here to read! (:

    Tomorrow since i don't have that much planned, I plan on following everyone back, reading through tons of blogs and leaving comments and such, I try to knock it out in one day!

    Ha is that silly?

    Okay, don't tell anyone else, but tell me what kind of stuff you like for your header and I will try to design it for you? Sound good? You can keep it for the time being till/or if you find someone else to redesign it all! Just email me, It's easier since google doesn't tell me if you respond here!

    xx (: