Know me

I'm a 20 something years old girl from Madrid living in Geneva.
A major change if I may add from Capital City to..."SUCKS-THE-LIFE-OUT-OF-YOU" type of small town.

Biologist. Passionate of all things living, except probably insects.
Biology for me is to study live in its more pure essence
About to finish my master, I'm actually expecting to boost my career and give it a turn in a completely different direction.

Make- up lover and beauty addict. If I could, Í would probably buy and try every single product in the market. But yet I contain myself and live in a budget.

I took me time to decide to start this blog, way too much.
 It is more a hobby than anything else, tho sometimes the idea of making it my profession comes to me (if only was that simple!).

Blog design trainee. I recently started playing with photoshop and I'm enjoying the fun.
I'd love to design for others in my free time. It helps me get out of routine.
<Send me an email if you are interested>

Fashionista at heart. I'm actually quite simple in my daily life. 
I don't ask for too much.

I do like to take pictures in front of the mirror
who doesn't?

Salsa dancer.
long curly hair lover.
I'm recently developing a sense for cooking and baking.
Sun sucker,
I'd love to live in a place where the temperature in winter doesn't go below 10ºC.
American TV shows addicted.
Cat lady. Actually afraid of big dogs.

I'm amazed and disappointed with human raze at 50/50.
(Ratios change according to individual situations)

All style music listener.
Travel dreamer.

My boyfriend wasn't the guy I expected to find,
but yet he is best than anything I could have dreamed off.
...le jamais des mes toujours...

That's me and here I am.
fighting every day in this hostile, expensive, grey country
while trying not to loose the passion, the warmth at heart and the smile!

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  1. hey there! thanks so much for visitng me and following- i am returning the favor :)
    i always though living in geneva would be so fabulous but i guess if its not where yo want to be then there is no place like home.
    have a beautiful week!